ACTRI Teaches Team Science through Gaming

Screen shot of avatars in Clinical Trials game waiting room.

Clinical Trials Video Game Created

UC San Diego Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute (ACTRI) is pleased to introduce an online game to teach team science. The Clinical Trials Video Game is a novel online learning platform that uses a multiplayer video game interface to reinforce teamwork skills such as communication and shared strategy. It has been beta tested with diverse trainees, including medical students, early career “K” awardees, post-doctoral fellows and Master’s students. Different techniques of collaboration can be tested interactively by the participants, who learn how to adapt team strategies. ACTRI collaborated with UC San Diego Rady School of Management to develop the game. It is now in production, and is being disseminated to University of California BRAID sites and the University of Pittsburgh for initial testing.

To access the game, please open the PDF, “Facilitator Guide—Clinical Trials Video Game,” and follow the instructions.