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High School Curricula

Lesson Plan: Understanding Health Research

ACTRI believes that part of good citizenship is health literacy and an understanding of how medical innovations are developed.

The lesson plan (large posters) was designed to boost science literacy and health literacy by teaching students how health research works. The course uses easy to understand language and can usually be completed by teachers in their own classrooms in one lesson period.

The results of such lessons are:

  • A populace that can determine remedies that are based on science versus fads and unproven products promoted by commercial advertising
  • Community members who understand how health research works, how to get involved, and how to recognize their rights and protections
  • Students who are familiar with the concepts and carrier potential of clinical research

Training and technical support may be available. If you are interested in exploring how ACTRI and your organization can benefit one another, please contact the Community Engagement Division at or call (858) 822-0734.