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Every clinical study aims, in some way, to fulfill the promise of scientific innovation – but none of these studies can be successful without the participation of committed volunteers. There is no Department or Secretary of Cures. It’s us.

–Michael J. Fox
San Diego Union-Tribune, July 2011

UC San Diego Health is a hub for clinical and translational medicine. That means we are taking the discoveries we learn in the lab and transforming them into new medicines, therapies and ways to improve health care. Each year we enroll people in hundreds of clinical studies. Topics of research range from health behavior and disease prevention to clinical trials of promising investigational drugs, treatments and devices. Whether you have a health condition or are healthy, there are many ways to get involved and make a difference. Currently we have more than 400 active studies.

How to get involved in medical research studies

There are several ways to find a research study, even if you do not have any specific condition in mind. Remember that is important to find studies that have been reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board(IRB).

ClinicalTrials: This UC San Diego Health ClinicalTrials website enables investigators and volunteers to find all active clinical trials across the UC San Diego medical site. Once you enter the ClinicalTrials site, type in a study area such as Depression, Lung Cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease to explore more than 900 trials at UC San Diego Health. ClinicalTrials is supported by a Clinical and Translational Science Awards supplement grant. Visit ClinicalTrials.

ClinicalTrials is one way of finding clinical trials; other tools and studies are available through additional links on this page.

Research Match



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Register for ResearchMatch

ResearchMatch is a volunteer online registry funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that brings together researchers and willing volunteers who would like to be involved in research studies. Anyone can join ResearchMatch. Many studies are looking for healthy people of all ages, while some are looking for people with specific health conditions. ResearchMatch can help ‘match’ you with any type of research study, ranging from surveys to clinical trials. ResearchMatch will not release any of your personal information to third parties, participating organizations or other institutions. Your information will only be available to researchers after you indicate interest in being contacted about a particular study. Learn more at

Explore a list of UC San Diego websites showing clinical studies

A number of departments and specialty programs at UC San Diego have web pages that list studies related to specific conditions that are open for recruitment. View the list at Studies Recruiting Volunteers

Search for a study using UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center – Clinical Trials Search

Clinical trials related to cancer take place at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center. Although the majority of the studies are for people who are ill with or recovering from cancer, there are many studies for healthy volunteers, such as cancer prevention studies. Find out more at

Search for a study using is the largest listing of clinical trials and includes interventional and observational studies conducted around the world. The site, a service of the NIH, allows you to search by many criteria.

Still not finding any studies you’re eligible for?

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