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Using ResearchMatch

ResearchMatch is a NIH-sponsored national registry of volunteers who have indicated a willingness to learn more about research studies. This registry aims to be an effective, useful and complementary recruitment tool that connects researchers with appropriate potential subjects. ResearchMatch is not just for clinical trials. It is available at no cost, to help match any type of IRB-approved study with potential participants.

ResearchMatch can be included in a research proposal as a part of a subject recruitment strategy. To utilize ResearchMatch users must have a UC San Diego faculty appointment, be a ACTRI Member, and register for recruitment access with ResearchMatch. A research proposal that documents use of ResearchMatch must be approved by the IRB.

ResearchMatch enables researchers to search for appropriate matches in non-identifiable volunteer profiles. Once  study criteria are entered into Search Builder, the secure ResearchMatch clearinghouse will route an "IRB-approved" recruitment message to each of the potential matches. A ResearchMatch dashboard will display  volunteers who reply and will provide aggregate figures/charts demonstrating the response rate to the initial recruitment message. When a volunteer authorizes ResearchMatch to release his/her information, contact can be made by the researcher.

Access to subjects through ResearchMatch will last only as long as a valid IRB study approval exists. The expiration date of  ResearchMatch access will mirror the expiration date of the study. Continuing IRB review applications can be submitted via ResearchMatch. If a lapse in IRB approval occurs, ResearchMatch data will not be lost.

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