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Recognizing and Appreciating Diversity

Recognizing and Appreciating Diversity

We are committed to building connections with people and communities that have traditionally been left out of health research. This commitment includes finding ways to bring individuals and groups diverse in race, ethnicity, health status and diagnosis, neighborhood and geographic region, and life experience into our decision making process. Inclusiveness is central to our mission.

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Connecting with People and Communities

  • ACTRI participates in community events including:
    • Health fairs
    • Cultural events
    • Farmer’s Markets
    • Community educational events
    • Faith-based events
    • UC San Diego sponsored community events
  • We use social media and support web-based interactions
  • We host open house events where community members can visit our site and get to know us better
  • Through our Community Advisory Board (CAB) we gather information and advice from members of diverse communities and use the information to modify our programs and activities.

Teaming up with Community Organizations

  • We introduce community members to researchers
  • We support projects and partnerships, including a pilot research grant program that provides financial support for collaboration between community organizations and researchers
  • We can provide technical support for community organizations seeking grants
  • We can provide training in research methodology for community health workers working in underrepresented communities

Strengthening Our Own Programs
Partnering with other Institutions

  • Working in collaboration with other Universities to understand barriers to research participation among underserved people and communities
  • Collaborate with San Diego State University and UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center
  • Partnering with UC San Diego Center for Ethics in Science and Technology
  • Participating in UC San Diego campus equity and diversity initiatives

Building Our Own Capacity

  • Translating and adapting materials to reduce language barriers
  • Developing original materials to reach specific diverse populations
  • Developing systems to understand community priorities and share information with UC San Diego researchers
  • Facilitating community input in ACTRI decision-making