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What's New in the Center for Clinical Research

CCR Offers Cardiovascular Ultrasound Imaging Service

The Center for Clinical Research (CCR) is pleased to announce a new Cardiovascular Ultrasound Imaging Service at the east campus clinic location. The CTRI has purchased a Philips Pure Wave HD15 ultrasound imaging system, with echocardiographic and vascular capabilities...(More)

A New Treatment for Patients with Severe Mitochondrial Disease

Mitochondria generate most of the energy in cells throughout the body, so defects in these intracellular structures can have far-ranging, sometimes devastating, consequences...(More)

Clinical Trial of Dark Chocolate in Heart Failure

Pam R. Taub, MD, a cardiologist and Assistant Clinical Professor in the UC San Diego Department of Medicine, thinks your heart and skeletal muscles could benefit when you eat dark chocolate—just not too much of it...(More)

New CTRI Clinic Opens

The Clinical and Translational Research Institute (CTRI) has opened its new Center for Clinical Research in the recently completed East Campus Office Building. UC San Diego Health Sciences faculty and staff attended an Open House at the East Campus Office Building, including refreshments, tours, and door prizes...(More)