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Project Management and Support for Clinical Trials


Contact UsTo increase the speed and efficiency of clinical research protocols, the ACTRI is offering project management and support services to investigators. ACTRI can help launch and manage your studies by facilitating the initiation and execution of clinical protocols, enabling you to focus on your research.

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Project Management Services

Oversees protocols and shepherds them through the various departments for approvals. A Project Manager performs the following specific services:

  • Reviews, triages and tracks resources and service requests
  • Routes requests to appropriate Service Directors
    • Biostatistics
    • Clinic Services
    • Coordinator Services
    • Biorepository
  • Manages pre-launch and post-launch trial activities of R2T2 and GREEN teams
  • Serves as point of contact for sponsored studies
  • Tracks enrollment
  • Provides quality control and monitoring
  • Issues invoices

The ACTRI is presently offering project management services free of charge.

Rapid Response Trials Team (R2T2)

Provides individualized support for academic protocols and projects by initiating simultaneous regulatory and scientific reviews. R2T2 performs the following:

  • Conducts feasibility assessment for projects
  • Organizes team and tracks progress
  • Initiates and tracks regulatory, contracting, budgeting, safety, nursing, pharmacy, ethics, informatics and biostatistics processes through various UC San Diego departments
  • Assesses and mitigates potential hurdles and assures rapid response
  • Initiates Science Reviews as needed
  • Provides seamless transition to the operations team

The ACTRI is presently offering R2T2 services free of charge.


Provides the infrastructure and resources to perform clinical trials and academic research projects. This team performs the following:

  • Assembles appropriate team members and resources required
  • Consults on participant recruitment tools and strategies
  • Conducts study-related visits and assessments
  • Tracks study progression
  • Tracks and reports adverse events
  • Collects, processes, stores and/or transfers biological samples
  • Conducts study closeout

   GREEN Team services are recharged per the new recharge rates.

Read the ACTRI Director's Message about the Rapid Response Trials Team services.