ACTRI Center for Clinical Research

A nurse processes samples in the ACTRI clinic laboratory.

The Center for Clinical Research (CCR) is located on the first floor of the Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute building on UC San Diego Health’s La Jolla campus.

This fully staffed, dedicated research clinic has 18,000 square feet of state-of-the-art facilities to support all phases of clinical research – from idea to implementation. Our research clinic supports a broad range of translational research studies, from sleep studies, to stem-cell-derived therapy for Type 1 diabetes, to an imaging agent for women with primary breast cancer undergoing surgery, to early stage Inflammatory Bowel Disease colon biopsy studies. Presently the clinic supports more than 200 clinical trials, with the capacity to support hundreds of clinical trials each year. We support pediatric and adult studies.

An infusion room at the clinic in the Altman CTRI building. This room, as well as many of the other participant care rooms, have windows to bring in natural light and enhance clinical trial participation experience.

The CCR includes:

  • a phase I unit for testing first-in-human studies for new drugs and devices
  • a research pharmacy to prepare experimental treatments under rigorous conditions
  • over 20 rooms for clinical trials, including overnight rooms, procedure rooms, examination rooms, and consultation rooms
  • a kitchen for metabolic and diabetes studies
  • two negative-pressure rooms for viral vector, infectious disease and cannabis studies
  • an expanded laboratory for processing samples
  • a minor procedure room
  • cardiovascular phenotyping services
  • Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET)
  • Continuous cardiac monitoring
  • expanded ultrasound services, with a full range of sonography
  • an infusion center
  • rooms for activities such as exercise and lung testing, and a DEXA scanner to measure bone health
  • trained staff to perform procedures

A dietitian prepares food in the clinic's metabolic kitchen at the Altman ACTRI building.

More than two dozen employees – skilled nurses, clinical coordinators, a registered dietitian, a registered sonographer, biostatisticians, pharmacists, and a pharmacy technician – support the researchers who conduct clinical trials at the ACTRI. Our Registered Nurses are certified by the Oncology Nursing Society for the administration of chemotherapy, and are certified in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), and moderate sedation. The clinic has trained personnel and facilities to carry out many procedures, such as phlebotomy, IV placement, ECGs, drug administration, and skin biopsies, and our staff can provide dietary consultation and assistance with budgeting costs for clinical trials. Read an artcle about the Nurses of ACTRI

Investigators from UC San Diego and Partner Organizations are welcome to apply to use our facilities and services to conduct their clinical studies.

Mark S. Wallace, MD, manages the ACTRI clinic. For both outpatient and inpatient studies, please click on the “Request ACTRI Services” button below. You may also contact Mary Maeve Taaffe, RN, Nurse Supervisor, at (858) 822-1717, cell (858) 334-9769.

Parking and participant drop-off area

There is a participant drop-off and pick-up area in front of the ACTRI building, easing access to the clinic for clinical trial participants with limited mobility. We also provide parking vouchers for trial participants at the hospital garage next to the building.

Request ACTRI Services

Recharge Rates

Clinic SupportUCSD UsersNon-UCSD Users
Contact Mary Maeve Taaffe, RN, Nurse Supervisor, for additional questions
Nursing—RNVS, injection (SQ, IM), IV infusion (non-chemo as well as monoclonal & chemo infusions), IVPush, oral medication administration, assessment, RN observation, urine pregnancy test, urine dipstick, urine toxicology test, hematocrit/hemoglobin testing, blood glucose finger stick, phlebotomy, serial PK's, blood sample processing, sample shipping, ECG/EKG, consenting, patient teaching, large volume blood draws, documentation, assisting with procedures such as liver biopsy, nerve block placement, stress testshourly—recharged in 30-minute increments$93 $135
Nursing—RN for Phase I studiesSame as above + RN is 1:1 with subjecthourly—recharged in 30-minute increments$97 $141
24-hour RN costSame as above + RN is 1:1 with subjectroom fee included$2,300$3,335
Nursing LVNVS, urine pregnancy test , urine dipstick, urine toxicology test, hematocrit/hemoglobin testing, blood glucose finger stick, IV placement, phlebotomy, serial PK's, blood sample processing, sample shipping, oral and ECG, non-RN observation, patient teaching, large volume blood draws, documentationhourly—recharged in 30-minute increments$52 $76
Clinical CoordinatorCommunicates with sponsors, schedules subject visits, manages database, assists with phlebotomy, measures vital signs, performs ECGs, conducts subject evaluations, processes and ships samples, assists with regulatory tasks.hourly$55$80
DietitianMetabolic kitchen meals prepared by RD, food frequency questionnaires, resting metabolic rate/indirect calorimetry, bioelectrical impedance analysis & report, skinfold set/anthropometricshourly—recharged in 30-minute increments$74 $108
Food Services - Snack$10 $15
Food Services - Breakfast$15 $22
Food Services - Lunch$20 $29
Food services - Dinner$30 $44
DEXA ScansMachine not available without our technicianflat rate per patient/per scan$93 $135
VO2 Exercise TestingMachine not available without our technicianflat rate per patient/per test$100 $145
Room Only - Exercise RoomPreparation and restocking of suppliesper patient$20 $29
Room Only - Exam roomPreparation and restocking of suppliesper patient$20 $29
Room Only - Treatment RoomMinor procedure surgical roomper patient$100 $145
Room Only
—Infusion Room
Preparation and restocking of suppliesper patient$40 $58
Room Only - Sleep RoomPreparation and restocking of suppliesper patient$40 $58
Admission (nightly)
Includes nurses, food12-hour shift$1,206$1,749
Overnight - ECOBIncludes nurses, food12-hour shift$1,206$1,749
Phlebotomy OnlySingle stickflat rate/single stick$20 $29
Processing of Lab SpecimensWithout shipping$45 $66
Processing of Lab SpecimensWith shipping—dry ice$55 $80
Use of Lab/Lab EquipmentAccess to lab during business hoursdaily$15 $22
UltrasoundCardiacper procedure - flat rate per patient$180 $261
UltrasoundVascularper procedure - flat rate per patient$171 $248
UltrasoundAbdomenper procedure - flat rate per patient$135 $196
UltrasoundUnlistedper procedure - flat rate per patient$71 $103
Ultrasound Usage Only (no technician)Must have proper training/certification to use machineper region/per hemisphere$100 $145
Sleep RecordingTechnician, based on 12-hour shift—overtime for additional hoursper hour$55 $80
Machine Use OnlySleep equipmentper patient$40 $58
Machine Use OnlyEKGper patient$15 $22
Machine Use OnlyPortable ultrasoundper 24 hours$50 $73
Non-RN DutiesNon-RN dutiesper hour$45 $66
Parking FeeDaytimeper visit*$5 $5
Parking FeeOvernightper visit*$8 $8
Pass-through ChargesSpecialty supplies such as biopsy trays, drugs, specialty tubs, parking per daybased on actual costs
* Parking fees are at the same rates for UC users and non-UC users


Co-funding is not permitted under the new National Center for Advancing Translational Science (NCATS) rules. There are limited institutional resources to co-fund occasional projects. At the time of service, please inquire about potential support for NIH and Foundation-funded projects.

Online Scheduling for Clinic Services

The CCR provides online scheduling for all clinical research services using a software package called Clinical Conductor, a Bio-Optronics product. Clinical Conductor works like restaurant reservations software and allows researchers to request preferences. The program automatically matches the room and schedule to accommodate the needs of the study. Users may request and cancel clinic appointments for up to five research subjects. They will receive email confirmation from a ACTRI staff member within 48 business hours.

Online Scheduling Form

Nursing Order Forms

Inpatient (Word | PDF)

Outpatient (Word | PDF)

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