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COVID-19 On-Site Testing

Guidance on ordering COVID-19 Coronavirus Testing for Research Participants (PDF)



COVID-19 testing of research participants might be required by the institution prior to a research visit. Principal Investigators (PIs) have two options in testing research participants: ordering through the Health System’s Epic directly or arranging for testing through the ACTRI.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When and how do I order a COVID-19 test for my research participants?
To be consistent with UC San Diego Health, refer to UC San Diego Health Testing Guidelines (PDF). Some research units might have additional requirements.
2. I am a researcher but I don’t have access to Epic. How can I order COVID-19 testing for my research participants? ACTRI can place an order in Epic on your behalf OR you can submit a request for ACTRI Clinic On-Site Testing to perform the test.
3. If a COVID-19 test is ordered in Epic, how do I ensure my research participants will not be billed for the cost of the test? Your study will require a research account and your participants will need to be registered to an active calendar in Velos. If your study is currently in Velos, you can add a COVID-19 test to your calendar as an unscheduled event. For instructions on how to add an unscheduled event, current Velos users can refer to page 30 of the Velos User Manual. If your study does not have a research account or calendar in Velos, you can request access to Velos. Alternatively, if you do not wish to set up an account in Velos you can submit a request for ACTRI On-Site Testing
4. How do I submit a request for ACTRI Clinic On-Site Testing? You can submit a request through the online form. Requests must be submitted by Friday at 12PM in the week prior to the scheduled test date. Results will typically be returned the day after the test is performed. For results that are invalid or inconclusive, results may take up to 48 hours. We recommend scheduling the test 48 hours prior to the time a result is needed. Current testing is available Monday/Friday, 7AM-9AM and Wednesday, 3PM-5PM. The schedule is subject to change based on demand. For updates to the schedule, please refer to the online request form. Tests cost $52 for investigator-initiated studies and $62 for industry-initiated studies. All tests will be directly recharged to your study chart string.
5. What should research participants expect on the day of their COVID-19 test at ACTRI? Tests will be performed curbside outside the ACTRI while the research participant remains in their car. Your research participant should arrive at ACTRI 15 minutes before their appointment and park in the passenger loading zone in front of the ACTRI building.  Once they have arrived, please have them call 858-246-4971 and let the staff know that they have arrived.  An ACTRI staff member will come out to their car to perform the test. Those arriving by other means can call 858-246-2971 to let the staff know they are outside and in front of the building.
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