UC San Diego DISC Consultation Requests

Please complete this form to request a consultation from the UC San Diego DISC. This form will ask questions about you and your D&I project. It will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. The information that you share will be reviewed by the DISC Consultation team on a rolling basis. Please note that the DISC Consultation Team requires 7-10 business days to review and respond to consultation requests. For qualifying projects, the DISC Coordinator will schedule an initial 30-minute consultation meeting with a member of the Consultation Team. The information that you share will be kept confidential but we recommend that you do not share any identifiable study data.

Request a Consultation

Who Can Request a Consultation?

Consultations can be requested by all UC San Diego DISC General Members and Investigators. To become a member, please join here.

What can I receive consultation about from the UC San Diego DISC?

Project Type

  • Grant Proposal
  • Publication
  • Applying implementation tools to clinical programs/services
  • Clinical intervention or tool
  • Ongoing D&I research project

Consultation topic(s)

  • Study design
  • D&I methods
  • Selecting and integrating conceptual models and frameworks
  • Designing interventions/clinical tools for dissemination/implementation
  • Designing and evaluating implementation strategies
  • Community engagement
  • Quality improvement processes
  • Program evaluation
  • Other: _________________

What to Expect?

During the initial consultation, the Consultant(s) will gather information about your D&I project and determine the scope, resources, and expertise that may be needed to support your work. Preliminary feedback and existing tools and resources will be shared during this initial consultation. After the initial consultation, we will send an email that includes DISC recommendations about resources, time, and expertise that are available, if needed. Collaboration of our DISC leadership team on grant proposals or manuscripts as a consultant, co-investigator, or co-author may be possible, depending on content area and timeline. In some cases, our team will recommend further group consultation or connect you with other colleagues with relevant expertise locally or nationally.

Become a Member

What to Prepare?

Please complete the UC San Diego DISC Consultation Request Form to facilitate a successful initial consultation meeting. In particular, please come prepared to discuss the following:

  • your specific D&I science questions or aims in your project,
  • how this D&I issue fits into your overall research proposal or work,
  • what is your proposed timeline, funding mechanism you might pursue, collaborators, and end goals.


Please contact DISC@health.ucsd.edu for questions.