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Translational Research Technology Center

Translational Research Technology Division (TRT)

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The Translational Research Technology Division (TRT) provides a one-stop shop of flexible laboratory-based services for translational studies to members of the ACTRI and external collaborators. We support a broad range of clinical and translational research projects by providing Biorepository, Sample Acquisition, and Laboratory (bio-analytical, and assay development) services. Services may be recharged or paid through a purchase order.

Accessing TRT Cores, Services, and Consultation

Requests for services should be routed through the "Request ACTRI Services" button above. If investigators cannot locate a particular resource or service, they are encouraged to contact us (at so we can explore ways to meet their needs.

TRT Advisory Committee

The TRT Advisory Committee oversees all aspects of the Division's ongoing and planned activities. The Committee includes Co-Chairs Paul J. Mills and David Boyle, and member Elizabeth Komives (see below for contact information). The Committee explores new research directions, and determines potential new services that could facilitate such research.

TRT External Advisory Committee

The TRT External Advisory Committee independently evaluates and guides the directions and activities of the TRT, providing external expertise in the domains of basic, applied, clinical and translational research. Committee members include Chris Benedict, PhD; Mary Corr, MD; Scott Matthews, MD; Simon Schenk, PhD; Mark Wallace, MD; and Howard Taras, MD.

David Boyle

David Boyle
Co-Director of Translational Research Technology
Department of Medicine
Phone: (858) 822-0784

Elizabeth Komives, PhD

Elizabeth Komives, PhD
Professor, Dept of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Phone: (858) 534-3058

Josh Hillman

Josh Hillman
Staff Research Associate
Phone: (858) 246-2448

In order to provide further research support opportunities for ACTRI PIs, the TRT Division has created a small grant program which is listed below. For further questions regarding this program, please call email ( the TRT Division.