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Team Science Core

The Team Science Core in the UC San Diego Clinical and Translational Research Center aims to: 

  • Develop Team Science Networking opportunities with the Device Acceleration Center and the Center for Excellence in Translational Immunogenomics
  • Incorporate Team Science training into K-award and other CTRI educational activities
  • Build capacity for clinical researchers to understand Team Science principles, gain experience in assembling and managing research Teams, and how to evaluate Team productivity.
    • This will be accomplished through:
      • individual project consultations
      • web-based Team Science Tool Kit
      • didactic learning integrated into CREST modules
      • online experiential games that incorporate Team Science principles

The Team Science Core will also evaluate how Team Science translates to academic advancement at UC San Diego by:

  • Review of policies for reporting and evaluating Team Science research in the process of academic advancement at UC San Diego and elsewhere
  • Survey of faculty members regarding how Team Science is valued and rewarded, and strategies for maximizing visibility of Team Science contributions