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DISC Intership Program

We are pleased to introduce our current D&I Science Center Interns:

Jessica Ni Jessica Ni

Jessica is a third-year undergraduate studying Human Health Psychology at UC San Diego. She is interested in research and hopes to pursue a research career in the future. She is especially interested in D&I research because of how it integrates health research and health practice.

Nicholas LeeNicholas Lee

Nicholas Lee is a 4th year Human Biology Major and Psychology Minor at UC San Diego. Nicholas is interested in D&I Research because of his life goal of working as a Developmental Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon, as he is especially passionate about working with disabled, underserved communities and improving their quality of healthcare.

Jillian Abasta​Jillian Abasta

Jillian Abasta is a 2nd-year undergraduate at UCSD, double majoring in Clinical Psychology and Global Health. She is interested in a career in mental health research, specifically investigating effective treatments and preventative measures for mental health disorders. She is enthusiastic about utilizing D&I methods in her future research to ensure interventions are readily accessible and attainable to those in need.

Sarah BonomiSarah Bonomi

Sarah is also a writing tutor at UCSD’s OASIS and an instructional assistant at SFSU. Her supportive services extend from SFSU to Streetwyze where she works to expedite information processing in data collection for improved distribution and access of Alameda County Food Bank resources. Her experiences and skillset have made her want to engage in long term dissemination and implementation of research and policy work addressing public health issues.

Kasey YuKasey Yu

Kasey is a third-year Biochemistry/Chemistry major at UCSD. Outside of class, she enjoys learning about the world through research and team projects. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kasey wanted to learn more about D&I science in evaluating the efficacy of medical interventions and health policy. She hopes to work in environmental health research and policy.

DISC Internship Alumni