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About Us

The Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences at the National Institutes of Health has eloquently stated the promise of dissemination and implementation science. They described it as follows: 

Health scientists have successfully developed and tested a plethora of clinical and community interventions demonstrated to treat and prevent medical and behavioral illnesses. However, as leaders in research and clinical practice have noted, there is still an enormous gap between what we know can maximize the quality of health care and what is currently being delivered in practice and community settings. More present than ever within the research community is the belief that to optimize public health we must not only understand how to create the best interventions, but how to best ensure that they are effectively delivered within clinical and community practice. This is the focus of dissemination and implementation research, and building this knowledge base is imperative to get the best return on decades of investment in biomedical and behavioral research. Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) science addresses this gap by understanding how best to ensure that evidence-based strategies to improve health and prevent disease are effectively delivered in clinical and public health practice. (source)

Faculty from UCSD, SDSU, VA San Diego have engaged in high quality D&I research for the past several decades. More recently a number of colleagues reached out for consultation and support for submitting research grant proposals and career awards with D&I as a main or substantial focus and methodology. There is a need for increased capacity in D&I research to respond to student and faculty demands, a sustainable training mechanism, and campus-wide support for a formal D&I infrastructure. The intention of this website to provide information about D&I research and foster our growing D&I learning community.