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Device Acceleration Center (DAC)

Although many stakeholders have creative ideas and are eager to develop novel devices, few actually participate. UCSD has all the elements needed for this new venture, including the Jacobs School of Engineering, the UCSD Health System and the Rady School of Management. Close collaborations are already in place due, in part, to ACTRI-led programs like the NHLBI-funded UC Center for Accelerating Innovation, the GEM program and the Tricorder competition. The DAC will focus on: 1) translational science training; 2) identifying unmet clinical needs amenable to clinician-engineer collaboration; 3) prototype testing; and 4) commercialization. Engineering advances are now a critical component of efforts to improve health, including sensors, wearables, nanotechnology and a myriad of devices that can extend health monitoring into the home. The DAC will initially support the development of minimal risk devices that have already completed or do not require pre-clinical testing. As the program develops, it will be expanded to include a broader spectrum of devices. 


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