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New CTRI Clinic Opens

The Clinical and Translational Research Institute (CTRI) has opened its new Center for Clinical Research in the recently completed East Campus Office Building. UC San Diego Health Sciences faculty and staff attended an Open House at the East Campus Office Building, including refreshments, tours, and door prizes, on November 18th from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Located east of Interstate 5 on the La Jolla Medical Center campus, the building is a 3-minute walk from Thornton Hospital and is near other clinical and translational science facilities, such as UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center. The three-floor building is expected to earn a Silver Certification from the United States Green Building Council, based on features like spectrally selective, insulated glass panes, plus high-efficiency cooling systems and water usage. The total area dedicated to the CTRI is approximately 25,000 sf on the first floor, of which 8,000 sf is devoted to clinical research.

The CTRI facility consolidates all of our outpatient services (adult and pediatric) into one patient- and researcher-friendly space. The hallway along the exterior wall of the building was oriented so that research subjects could view the landscaped outdoors and natural daylight on the way to an exam room. The exam rooms were clustered to break down the scale of the clinic while still affording proximity to the central nurses’ station. Since family or friends of research subjects may be waiting for extended periods of time, the reception and waiting areas were segmented to form a seating environment that is secluded from view from the main building lobby and away from the activity of the reception desk.

The Clinic contains eight exam rooms and one consultation room where participants and staff can discuss informed consent or other confidential information; two treatment rooms with two beds each, which accommodate research procedures; a medication room; lab processing room; centralized nursing station; and an experimental pharmacy.

Services offered at the clinic include conscious sedation; infusions; biopsies; oral glucose tolerance testing; pharmacokinetics studies with sample processing; phlebotomy (up to 600 ml); collection, processing, and shipping of specimens; dietary consultation; indirect calorimetry; and exercise testing. Equipment includes five infusion chairs, five exam tables, DEXA scanner, portable ultrasound, treadmill systems, a metabolic cart, and, in the near future, a Pyxis machine. Overnight stays can also be accommodated.

The leadership and staff of the Center are experienced in conducting clinical studies. The Director of the CTRI Center for Clinical Research is Mark Wallace, MD, UCSD Professor of Anesthesiology. Day-to-day activities of the Clinic are managed by Mary Maeve Taaffe, RN, Clinical Nurse Supervisor. The Clinic staff includes RNs, LVNs, a Research Dietitian, Hospital Assistant, and Clinical Coordinators to assist researchers with many aspects of conducting clinical trials. There are four “hotel suites” for Clinical Coordinators to use while they are in the Center. The suites are equipped with networked computers and printers. Additional activities and offices in the facility include the Office of Clinical Trial Administration, Human Research Protections Program, Biostatistics, and Biomedical Informatics, which are available to members of the CTRI.

To access Clinic services, please visit our website and complete a short online application:

CTRI Center for Clinical Research
UC San Diego
9444 Medical Center Drive
La Jolla, CA 92093

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