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ACTRI Service Portfolio

​Center for Clinical Research (CCR)

CCR contains services that facilitate performing all aspects of clinical research. This includes the ACTRI Clinic, Research Coordinator & Language Translation Services, Regulatory Support, Project Management Services, IDS Pharmacy, MRI/Imaging, and Data Safety Monitoring. [Learn more]

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Biomedical Informatics (BMI)

BMI supports software for managing clinical trials and observational studies, as well as tools to query clinical records. Services include Velos eResearch, DECS, VRD, REDCap, CDWR, ACT, and general IT support.  [Learn more]

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Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design (BERD)

BERD provides statistical support at all research phases. Areas of interest include clinical trials, longitudinal data, survival analysis, observational studies, and high-dimensional data. Services include study design and proposal writing, statistical analysis, as well as publishing and communication. [Learn more]

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Center for Computational Biology & Bioinformatics (CCBB)

CCBB provides investigators with core bioinformatics expertise to analyze large molecular datasets, especially from next-generation sequencing. Special emphasis is on areas of genomics, systems biology and personalized medicine. [Learn more]

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Translational Research Technology Center (TRT)

TRT provides a one-stop shop of flexible laboratory-based services for translational studies to ACTRI members and external collaborators. Services include biorepository, sample acquisition, and laboratory (bio-analytical and assay development). [Learn more]

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Community Engagement (CE)

CE has experts in health disparities research, recruitment/retention methods, and outreach to specific types of communities who can provide advice on ways to improve a research proposal. Services include community research & ethics consultation, health disparities, introduction to community agencies, and project design. [Learn more]

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Dissemination & Implementation Science Center (DISC)

DISC focuses on dissemination and implementation science across UC San Diego Health Sciences. Key activities include training, consultation, technical assistance, and mentoring to advance D&I science with a local, national, and global impact. [Learn more]

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Center for Life Course and Vulnerable Population Research (CLVR)

CLVR is an integrated program that brings together researchers, community service providers, clinicians, and community members. Services include investigator support, education, and community outreach to ensure that vulnerable/special populations and the voice of the community are reflected in our research. [Learn more]

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Center for Excellence in Translational Immunogenomics (CETI)

CETI provides training in translational genomics and facilitates the creation of multi-disciplinary translational immunology research teams with end-to-end support from participant ID to translational application by providing consultations, PM support, and coordination among relevant ACTRI units. [Learn more]

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Device Acceleration Center (DAC)

DAC serves as the ideation and testing hub of medical devices at UC San Diego by providing translational science training, identifying unmet clinical needs amenable to clinician-engineer collaboration, prototype testing, and commercialization. [Learn more]

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Education & Training

The Education, Training, and Career Development Unit provides funding, training, seminars, and mentorship to researchers and students who want to advance health sciences. Programs include CREST/MAS, KL2, SUSTAIN, MedGap, and Translational Science Certificate. [Learn more]

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Planning, Evaluation & Tracking

ACTRI's Planning, Evaluation & Tracking team supports the institute's programs and leadership in efforts to develop goals, targets and relevant metrics of success, assesses progress toward those goals, and improves performance and management. [Learn more

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Team Science (TS) Core

TS Core aims to develop TS networking opportunities with DAC and CETI, incorporate TS training into K-award and other ACTRI educational activities, build capacity for clinical researchers to understand TS principles, gain experience in assembling and managing research teams, and how to evaluate team productivity. [Learn more]

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​Clinical Research Strategic Initiatives (CRSI)

Focusing on operational excellence at its core, CRSI offers a wide range of consultative services, project management expertise, and business system support to all ACTRI centers, units, and partner institutions. This includes process improvement & workflow automation, data analytics & leadership reporting, as well as CTSA grant management & progress tracking.