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ACTRI Office:

Phone: (858) 822-0268

Outpatient Research Clinic:

Front Desk: (858) 534-1251

Mailing Address:

Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute Building
9500 Gilman Drive, MC 0990
La Jolla, CA 92093-0990

Physical Address:

Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute Building
9452 Medical Center Drive
La Jolla, CA 92037

ACTRI Contacts:

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Firestein, Gary
ACTRI Director
(858) 822-0591
Mah, Eric
Executive Director for Clinical Research Operations(858) 822-4700 emah@ucsd.edu
​Levine, Tia
​Operations Director
​(858) 246-2096
tlevine@ucsd.edu ​
Bouland, DanielEvaluation Director(858) 822-2842 ctri-eval@ucsd.edu
Fontanesi, JohnEvaluation Associate Director(858) 822-2878 ctri-eval@ucsd.edu
Hoyo, VerónicaEvaluation Manager(858) 822-0306 ctri-eval@ucsd.edu
IT Operations, Services, Help Desk
Nguyen Trieu Chief Tech Officer(858) 822-0111 Nguyen Trieu 
Graczyk, JamesNetwork/Desktop Support(858) 822-1157 jgraczyk@ucsd.edu
Chen, Zhaohong (Tony)Network/Desktop Support(858) 822-0951 zhc005@ucsd.edu
Shipman, PerryDatabase Programmer(858) 822-1725 pshipman@ucsd.edu
Clark, Daniel Jr.IT Help Desk(858) 822-1088 ctri-support@ucsd.edu
Barker, AndreaCTMS Admin(858) 822-2661 akbarker@ucsd.edu
Generoso, MelissaQuality Assurance Analyst
(858) 822-1201 mgeneroso@ucsd.edu
Shevchuk, Helena Database PA/Software Developer
Website Support
(858) 822-1257
Paul, Erika CTMS Support Specialist (858) 822-1058 ecpaul@ucsd.edu
Abramovich, NatalyaQuality Assurance Engineer(858) 822-0849 nabramovich@ucsd.edu
Design, Biostatistics and Ethics (DBE)
Xu, Ronghui (Lily)DBE, Biostatistics Director(858) 822-1862 rxu@ucsd.edu
Kalichman, MichaelEthics Director(858) 822-2027 mkalichman@ucsd.edu
Magit, AnthonyRegulatory Director(858) 822-2889 amagit@ucsd.edu
Biomedical Informatics
Fisch, KatieCCBB Support(858) 534-9452 kfisch@ucsd.edu
Safety Coordinator
Groom, CrystalACTRI Clinic(858) 534-2030 cgroom@ucsd.edu 
Center for Clinical Research (CCR)
Wallace, MarkCo-Director
(858) 822-1256 mswallace@ucsd.edu
​Gold, Kathryn

Ziegler, MichaelOmbudsman(619) 543-2885 mziegler@ucsd.edu
Carlos Rojas
CCR Clinical Manager(858) 822-1717 ctri-clinic@ucsd.edu
Knott, CynthiaDietitian(858) 822-2762 cknott@ucsd.edu
Archana Bhatt
Project Manager
(858) 822-2661
Translational Research Technology (TRT)
Mills, PaulTRT Co-Director858-822-1828 pmills@ucsd.edu
Boyle, DavidTRT Co-Director(858) 822-0784 dboyle@ucsd.edu
Hillman, JoshMolecular Biologist(619) 543-2693 jhillman@ucsd.edu
Research ServicesN/A ctri-lab@ucsd.edu
Education, Training and Career Development (ETCD)
Depp, ColinETCD Director(858) 822-4251 cdepp@ucsd.edu
Dimsdale, Joel
KL2 Director
(619) 543-5592
Kelly, Carolyn
TL1 Director(858) 822-4565 ckelly@ucsd.edu
​Hamnache, Samia
​Education Coordinator
​(858) 822-4524
Mehta, RavindraCREST Director(619) 543-7310 rmehta@ucsd.edu
Chernet, SebleCREST Administrator(858) 534-9163 schernet@ucsd.edu
Translational Research Alliance (TRA)
Spector, DeborahTRA Director(858) 822-4003 dspector@ucsd.edu
Stein, Murray Pilot Projects Director(858) 534-6451 mstein@ucsd.edu
Kennedy, KathleenAdministrative Assistant(858) 822-0268 kkennedy@ucsd.edu
Community Engagement (CE)
Taras, HowardCE Director(858) 822-0620 htaras@ucsd.edu
Broyles, SheliaCE Liaison(858) 822-4117 slbroyles@ucsd.edu
von Jaeger, RodneyCE Manager(858) 822-0734 rvonjaeger@ucsd.edu
Kennedy, KathleenAdministrative Assistant(858) 822-0268 kkennedy@ucsd.edu