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The Translational Research Technology (TRT) Division maintains two types of biorepository: a Non-Disease Cohort (human tissue and blood) as well as Disease-Specific Collections. TRT also provides investigators easy access to Affiliated Biorepositories, which are located at UC San Diego or at ACTRI partner institutions.

The following are some options for working with the ACTRI and its Affiliated Biorepositories (based on IRB-approved protocols):

  1. ACTRI biosamples (such as non-disease cohorts) and protocol
    1. ACTRI provides existing clinical material from the repository
    2. ACTRI prospectively collects and provides liquid or tissue clinical material for investigators
  2. Investigator’s IRB protocol
    1. ACTRI collects samples for investigator and gives them to the PI for storage
    2. ACTRI collects samples for investigator and stores samples for the PI
    3. The investigator collects the samples and the ACTRI stores them
  3. ACTRI Affiliated Biorepository protocol
    1. ACTRI facilitates connecting the investigator with the manager of an Affiliated Biorepository (e.g., Arthritis Biorepository)
    2. ACTRI can manage the Affiliated Biorepository and release the material under the PI's direction

In addition to collection and storage, we can:

  1. Process tissue and fluids, including DNA and RNA preparation, viable cells, frozen cells
  2. Ship and receive clinical materials
  3. Provide clinical informatics support, including Velos
  4. Provide pathology services
  5. Provide biomarker assay services (such as Luminex, Mesoscale, ELISA, and qPCR)

Some support is provided without cost (e.g., informatics support). Other ACTRI services are available on a recharge basis; please inquire at CTRI Service Request Form or Translational Research Technology (TRT) Division.

Non-Disease Cohort

The ACTRI collects reference blood samples from non-disease human subjects.  Aliquots may be available to ACTRI investigators and this collection is used for internal assay validation. Please let us know of your interest in reference samples. We can work with you on unique sampling or processing methods.

Disease-Specific Collections

We offer processing, curation, storage, and retrieval of samples, and we can establish biorepositories for members on a recharge basis. Investigators can consult us on designing a biorepository or on setting up one to be hosted by the TRT. For further information, contact us through the “Request ACTRI Services” button above. Please consult our usage policy below.

Diagnostic Specimen Acquisition

The Translational Research Technology (TRT) Division specializes in the collection and storage of human biological fluids and solid tissues following surgical resections. The collections are consented by the participants and the consents are approved by the UCSD Human Research Protections Program prior to the collection of samples. The tissues are collected by Pathologists, Research Associates, and a Certified Pathologists’ Assistant. They are then stored according to standard protocols to maintain quality. Digital records of basic information and medical data are securely maintained for all of the samples, in compliance with HIPAA regulations and ethical standards.

Biorepository Usage Policy

Please consult this Policy before requesting access to a biorepository.


  • Secure storage of biospecimens in late model, remotely monitored mechanical and liquid nitrogen freezers
  • Coordination of collection and processing of biospecimens from the clinic to the ACTRI Biorepository or a hosted one
  • Complete inventory control utilizing Velos e-Sample software
  • Bar coding
  • Emergency response
  • Real-time reports on freezer temperatures
  • Regulated access to all archived material
  • Several software systems are available for managing the repository databases

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Affiliated Biorepositories

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