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UC-Rex (University of California Research eXchange) is a collaboration among the five UC health sciences campuses, which will create, coordinate, and/or manage the clinical data warehouses for Research (CDWR) at each of the campuses. A CDWR allows a researcher to get counts and other statistics derived from the electronic health records at the hospitals and clinics affiliated with his or her home campus, and thus obtain an estimate of how many patients match a specified profile for a contemplated clinical study. UC-ReX will connect these five CDWR to allow cross-campus counts.

The online tool is now available to perform searches across the UC medical centers for patient numbers based on diagnosis, demographics, and procedures. When completed, UC ReX will allow an investigator at one UC campus, with IRB approval, to access individual patient data from another campus in a HIPAA-compliant manner. The UC Office of the President provided funding to launch UC-ReX. UC-ReX will be the first cross-campus clinical query system in the UC system.

The ACTRI's Biomedical Informatics Division, under the leadership of Dr. Lucila Ohno-Machado, has been appointed by UC BRAID (Biomedical Research Acceleration, Integration, and Development; ucbraid.org) to lead the development of UC-ReX at UCSD.

Benefits to Research

  • Help investigators determine how many patients across the UC medical centers meet criteria for research based on diagnosis, demographics, and procedures
  • Perform searches for patient cohorts through an "honest broker" with IRB approval
  • In the future, we can potentially permit access to researchers from approved partner institutions

Tap into 15 M patient records for your study using UC ReX