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DECS Policies & Procedures

Patient Inclusion/Exclusion

DECS requests only include UCSD patients and encounters at UCSD facilities – this is important because the UCSD Epic also hosts UCI Health and UCSD clinics.

Generally, we automatically exclude the following patient types from request results (depending on the request purpose):

  • Unconsented patients
  • No-contact patients
  • Deceased patients
  • VIP patients
  • Fake/test patients
  • Non-UCSD patients


CTSA Grant

DECS services are provided as part of the UCSD ACTRI CTSA Grant and therefore, you must cite the grant in all publications:

The project described was partially supported by the National Institutes of Health, Grant UL1TR001442 of CTSA funding. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the NIH.


Data Retention

Data in the VRD shared folder is removed after 30 days – this shared folder is used to deliver results to the end user and is not intended for long-term storage; users are expected to move the data to the VRD personal folder.

Data in the VRD personal folder is preserved for the lifetime of the VRD account.

Data Import/Export

Because of the secure nature of the VRD environment, all data imports and exports are reviewed by the Application Support team. Requests require justification and there are strict limits on where exported data can go.

Access to DECS Results

Initially, we only grant access to the DECS results VRD to the request’s author and/or P.I.

We can add users to the VRD access list, but current ACTRI policy only allows VRD access to individuals named in the IRB documents. All VRD users must have UCSD Active Directory accounts.

Non-UCSD DECS Requests

Requests for DECS services from outside of UCSD normally require a UCSD P.I. sponsor, who will be responsible for the data generated. In addition, a legal data access agreement may be required.