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Accrual for Clinical Trials ACT

If you are interested in finding out how many patients are eligible for your clinical trials from UCSD, other UCs, or national wide, try ACTRI’s free query tool: The Accrual to Clinical Trials (ACT).

ACT is a network of sites from the National Clinical and Translation Science Award (CTSA) Consortium. ACT network allows researchers to explore and validate feasibility for clinical studies across CTSA sites. ACT network has been created to harmonize EHR of each site linked by the Shared Health Research Information Network (SHRINE). ACT provides investigators the ability to design and obtain aggregated counts of patients to identify eligible participants under specific inclusion and exclusion criteria. The real-time query of ACT network to diverse CTSA sites across the United States significantly increases efficiency of clinical studies.

The ACT network currently connects 39 participated CTSA sites, including all 5 UC medical centers, and more than 100 million patients. More sites are joining and at staging status.

More information about ACT

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The ACT Interface

The user-friendly ACT SHRINE query interface is shown as the following. It simply consists of 4 panels. The Terms panel allows investigators to search the information of Demographics, Diagnosis, Laboratory tests, Medications, Procedures, and Visit details. The defined inclusion/exclusion criteria can be dragged and dropped to numerous groups on the Query Tool panel. Each group enables independent criteria date range and times of occurrence. The current and previous query results are shown in the lower panels. In addition, ACT allows aggregate count breakdown for patient age, race, gender, and vital status, and provides graphic reports.

Accessing ACT

Request ACT Access


  • Visit the ACTRI ACT Portal.
  • Click the Register for ACT button on the upper-right of the page.
  • Complete all the fields with an asterisk (*) beside it
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Institutional Email
    • Phone
    • Department or Unit
    • Role
    • Reason for using ACT

Once approved, users can login to ACT web client,, using AD credentials to start exploring the platform.