Requests for Clinical Data for Research and Performance Improvement Projects

This page is designed for clinical researchers and performance improvement requests only. Patients, please see the "Information for Patients" box for links.

Information for Patients

Welcome to the UC San Diego (UCSD) Health Sciences "Request for Clinical Data" site. UCSD is committed to protecting patients' medical information. UCSD is also a research institution. In accordance with state and federal privacy laws, patient information may be used and disclosed only to doctors and health care personnel who are involved in the patient's medical care or payment for patient care, and to other authorized personnel for UCSD's own health care operations, such as performance improvement, and for approved research studies. All research projects conducted by UCSD must be approved through a special review process to protect patient safety, welfare and confidentiality.

For authorized users:
Data requests for research and quality assurance are handled separately. Please select the appropriate link for more information and assistance:

Data summary counts

For counts of patients from the 5 UC Medical Centers fitting selection criteria, see University of California Research Exchange (UC-ReX).

Clinical data requests for approved research purposes

See CTRI Databases and Clinical Records. (For more information about research secondary use of data, see Human Research Protections Program fact sheets.) 

Clinical data requests for performance improvement studies

  • For both EPIC clinical data requests, and all other (non-EPIC) clinical data requests, please contact:
  • Dr. Rob El-Kareh
    Associate Professor, Bioinformatics and Medicine

    Eric Lundin 
    Project Manager, Quality & Patient Safety