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SDGS 2021 Rising Star

Dr. Patricia Aguilar Calvo earned her D.V.M., her M.S. in Veterinary Research, and her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain). As a graduate student under Dr. Juan Maria Torres' mentorship, she determined the genetic resistance of multiple mammal species to prion diseases. Based on her research findings, selective breeding programs to eliminate goat scrapie were developed in the European Union. Dr. Aguilar Calvo performed postdoctoral research at UCSD with Dr. Christina Sigurdson, where she focused on (i) how post-translational modifications impact prion aggregation and neuroinvasion, and (ii) the role of heparan sulfate in the in vivo replication of prions. Dr. Aguilar Calvo is currently an Assistant Project Scientist at UCSD. She was recently awarded a K99/R00 award from the National Institute on Aging to investigate how heparan sulfate modulates the selective cell vulnerability in neurodegenerative diseases under the mentorship of Dr. Christina Sigurdson and Dr. Jeff Esko. 

About the Rising Star Speaker Award

The Rising Star Award was created to acknowledge the extraordinary accomplishments made by our trainees. A solicitation is sent out to GRTC member faculty who can nominate one postdoctoral researcher from their lab who is in the process of transitioning to an independent academic position. Submission should include the nominee's CV and a short motivation supporting nomination. A selection committee  evaluates all nominations and selects the annual Rising Star speaker, who presents during the main SDGS conference. Nominations for SDGS 2022 will be solicited ~ February 2022.