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Consortium for Excellence in Glycosciences | Scholars

Anabel Alvarenga

Anabel G. Alvarenga, PhD 

Mentors: Jean Kim & Ronald Schnaar, Johns Hopkins University 

Siglec-8 ligand expression in healthy and diseased patients

Amy Attaway

Amy Attaway, MD

Mentor: Srinivasan Dasarthy, Cleveland Clinic

Study of intermittent hypoxia-mediated O-GlcNAcylation dysregulates skeletal muscle proteostasis and mitochondrial function in cellular and murine models

Sophia Balderman
Sophia Balderman, MD

Mentor: Joe Lau, Roswell Park

Investigating the Role of Extrinsic ST6GAL1 in MDS associated dyspoiesis

Julia Callender, PhD

Mentor: Christina Sigurdson, UC San Diego

Manipulating PrP glycan structure to understand toxic signaling pathways driving prion-incused neurodegeneration

Kevin Chandler, PhD



Dillon Chen, MD

Mentor: Ajit Varki, UC San Diego

Characterize the roles of polysialic acids and Sialic acid-binding immunoglobulin-type lectins (SIGLECs) in the brain

Jiaxuan Chen, PhD

Mentor: Elliot Chaikof, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Podoplanin Glycopeptide Mimetics for Treatment of Venous Thrombosis

Graham Heberlig, PhD

Mentor: Michael Burkart, UC San Diego

Structural Examination of Lipid A Biosynthesis Complexes

Ryan Jajosky, MD

Mentors: Sean R. Stowell, Brigham & Women's Hospital & Robert Sackstein, Florida International University

Studying the role of glycans on red blood cells

Sridevi Krishnan, PhD

Mentor: Nathan Lewis, UC San Diego

Nutrition and cardio metabolic disease: A systems biology based multiomic investigation


Anny Mulya, PhD

Mentor: TBD, Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute

Fuel Bioenergetics Pathway on Hylauronan in Asthma

Kyriakos Papanicolaou, PhD

Mentors: Brian O'Rourke & Natasha Zachara, Johns Hopkins University

Dynamics and Impact of O-GlcNAcylation in Experimental Heart Failure

Ruth Siew, MD

Mentor: Victor Nizet, UC San Diego

Sialic acid interactions in cystic fibrosis

Priya Umapathi, MD

Mentors: Mark Anderson & Gerald Hart, Johns Hopkins University

O-GlcNAcylation in Heart Failure

Yan Wang, MD, PhD

Mentors: Vincent Hascall & Edward Maytin, Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute

Delineation of the role of Hyaluronan in regulating fibroblast function in normal and diabetic skin wound healing and obesity

Dawn Wenzel, PhD

Mentors: Nancy Dahms & Stephanie Olivier-Van Stichelen, Medical College of Wisconsin

The role of O-GlcNAcylation in the regulation of cytokinetic abscission


Program Alumni

Amina Abbadi, PhD

Mentors: Vincent Hascall & George Muschler, Cleveland Clinic

The role of Intracellular hyaluronan and TSG-6 in monocyte/macrophage biology and differentiation under a hyperglycemic stress

Afosh Daniel

Daniel Kwame Afosah, PhD

Mentor: Umesh Desai, Virginia Commonwealth University

Isolation and structural characterization of Glycosaminoglycan

Waseem Anani, MD

Mentors: Karin Hoffmeister, Wisconsin Blood Research Institute

Glycomics in transfusion medicine - Defining glycans in outcomes

Phillip Bartels, PhD

Mentor: Yitzhak Tor, UC San Diego

Developing Guanidinylated Neomycin-Enzyme Conjugates to Treat Lyososomal Storage Disorders Linked to Parkinson’s Disease

Chen Chen, MD, PhD

Mentor: Nancy Dahms, Medical College of Wisconsin

Therapeutic peptides based on carbohydrate-binding against neutrophil migration

Jane Cheng, MD

Mentor: Richard Cummings, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Identification of carbohydrate antigens and its application in human diseases and disorders

Sun-Mi Choi

Sun-Mi Choi, MD, PhD

Mentor: Victor Nizet, UC San Diego

Upper airway mucosal responses to MRSA in CRS

Dorothy Contiguglia-Akcan, MD

Mentor: Robert Sackstein, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Glycobiology of exosome

Michelle Ducasa, PhD

Mentor: Philip Gordts, UC San Diego

The role of heparan sulfate proteoglycans in non-shivering thermogenesis

Adam Kanack, PhD

Mentor: Nancy Dahms, Medical College of Wisconsin

Platelet and myeloid cell phenotypes in a rat model of Fabry disease

So-Young Kim

So-Young Kim, PhD

Mentor: Mark Fuster, UC San Diego

Glycosaminoglycan-based lung cancer immunotherapy

Melissa Lee-Sundlov, PhD

Mentor: Karin Hoffmeister, Wisconsin Blood Research Institute

The Role of Sialylation and Lectin Receptors in Blood Production in the Bone Marrow

Samuel Merrill, MD, PhD

Mentors: Ronald Schnaar & Robert Brodsky, Johns Hopkins University

The role of complement in sickle cell disease and hyper hemolysis

John O'Malley, MD, PhD

Mentor: Robert Sackstein, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Defining the glycosignature of E-selectin ligands in skin-tropic hematologic malignancies

Ryan Porell

Ryan Porell, PhD

Mentor: Kamil Godula, UC San Diego

Design and Synthesis of Fluorogenic Proteoglycan Mimetic Polymers

Richard Sanchez, PhD
Mentor: Gulcin Pekkurnaz, UC San Diego

O-GlcNAc dependent cytoskeletal influences on mitochondrial localization under varying cellular metabolic states

Kai-Ting Shade, PhD

Mentor: Robert Anthony, Massachusetts General Hospital

Novel Role of Sialic Acids in IgE Biology

Kathryn Stackhouse, MD

Mentor: Richard D. Cummings, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Glycans as Early Detection Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma

Angelica Maciel Gomes Ueltschy, PhD

Mentors: Mark Aronica & Vincent Hascall, Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute

Hyaluronan function in adipogenesis and metabolism


Ryan Weiss, PhD

Mentor: Jeffrey D. Esko, UC San Diego

CRISPR-Cas9 Dissection of Heparan Sulfate

Nicole Welch, MD

Mentors: Srinivasan Dasarathy & Vincent Hascall, Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute

Hyaluronan 35 prevents endotoxin mediated dysregulated skeletal muscle proteostasis during ethanol exposure

Sheena (Tianxin) Yu, PhD

Mentor: Joseph Lau, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

Glycobiology in Hematopoietic Stem Cells

Chris (Jinchao) Zhang, PhD

Initial position after leaving program: 

Career Development Program Site: BloodCenter of Wisconsin, 2018-2020
Program Mentor: Joseph Lau, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
Project: The role of the sialyltransferases and sugar donors from platelets
in regulating the sialylation