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Phillip Bartels

Phillip Bartels

Mentor: Yitzhak Tor, UC San Diego

Developing Guanidinylated Neomycin-Enzyme Conjugates to Treat Lyososomal Storage Disorders Linked to Parkinson’s Disease

Julia Callender
​​Julia Callender

Mentor: Christina Sigurdson, UC San Diego

Manipulating PrP glycan structure to understand toxic signaling pathways driving prion-incuced neurodegeneration

Phillip Bartels

Sun-Mi Choi

Mentor: Victor Nizet, UC San Diego

Upper airway mucosal responses to MRSA in CRS

Phillip Bartels

So-Young Kim

Mentor: Mark Fuster, UC San Diego

Glycosaminoglycan-based lung cancer immunotherapy

Phillip Bartels

Ryan Porell

Mentor: Kamil Godula, UC San Diego

Design and Synthesis of Fluorogenic Proteoglycan Mimetic Polymers

Phillip Bartels

Ryan Weiss

Mentor: Jeffrey D. Esko, UC San Diego

CRISPR-Cas9 Dissection of Heparan Sulfate