Tracy Gilstrap
Education Coordinator
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The format for this two-week summer workshop consists of a series of hands-on exercises where trainees will learn how to isolate and characterize GSLs, GAGs, N-linked and O-linked glycans from mouse tissues, comparing a disease model to wild type mice. This is a high-intensity, focused, short course, which balances the presentation of the theory behind individual methods with practical demonstration and scholar participation.

Summer 2019: July 15-26   |    Summer 2020: July 20-31

Instructors: Drs. Jeffrey Esko & Kamil Godula

2019 Schedule

Week 1

July 15: Glycolipids

     Glycolipid and GPI anchor.pptx

July 16: GAGs


           July 17: N-Linked Glycans


           July 18: O-Linked Glycans


           July 19: Glycoproteomics

                 glycopep scan.pdf

Week 2

July 22: Histology


July 23: Glycoengineering

     Glycan Engineering.pptx

July 24: Lectins & Microarrays

July 25: Biotechnology

July 26: Modeling