Current Literature in Glycobiology (Journal Club)

MED 246 / BIOM 246 / CMM 246   |  Fall, Winter, Spring Quarters  |  Fridays 12:00 - 1:00pm
Course Director:  Lars Bode
Co-Directors: Jeffrey D. Esko, Pascal Gagneux, Ajit Varki, Philip Gordts
Units: 1


Tracy Gilstrap
Education Coordinator
(858) 822-1378

2018 Orientation:  Friday September 28, 2018, 12:00 - 1:00pm
Biomedical Research Building II (BRF2) Room 4103

Current Literature in Glycobiology is a one-credit (per quarter) elective that provides a forum for informally discussing current papers in glycobiology research. Topics include glycan chemistry, biochemistry, genetics, cell biology, and molecular biology in animals, plants and microbes, as well as medical aspects of glycobiology.

​September 28
INTRODUCTION      Paper Guidelines.pdf
Glycobiology Journal Club Intro Slides
Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 20e
​All Instructors
​October 5
Rapid detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in sputum with a solvatochromic trehalose probe
​Ryan Weiss
Esko Lab
​October 12
Heparan Sulfate Organizes Neuronal Synapses through Neurexin Partnerships.pdf
Mike Vaill
Varki Lab
​October 19
​Ribitol restores functionally glycosylated α-dystroglycan and improves muscle function in dystrophic FKRP-mutant mice
Chelsea Painter
Esko Lab
​October 26
HAase activity glucose metabolism.pdf
Greg Golden
Esko Lab
​November 2
Loss of GCNT2 I-branched glycans enhances melanoma growth and survival.pdf
Phillip Bartels
Tor Lab
​November 9
J. Biol. Chem.-2018-Ndeh-jbc.RA118.004510.pdf
​Chirag Dhar
Varki Lab
​November 16
O-GlcNAcylation mediates metastasis of cholangiocarcinoma through FOXO3 and MAN1A1.pdf
Supplemental Information.pdf
​Charlotte Spliid
Esko Lab

​November 30
Hyaluronidase inhibits reactive adipogenesis and inflammation of colon and skin.pdf
​Bastian Ramms
Gordts lab
​December 7
Eradication of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cells by Targeting Glycosylated PD-L1
Supplemental Info.pdf
Hector Cuello
Esko Lab
​December 14
Adipocyte OGT governs diet-induced hyperphagia and obesity
Supplemental Information_Li
​Ariane Pessentheiner
Gordts Lab
​December 21

​December 28

​January 4
M6P Lysosomal Targeting Paper.pdf
M6P paper Supplemental.pdf
Ryan Porell
Godula Lab
​January 11
Accelerated Aging and Clearance of Host Anti-inflammatory Enzymes by Discrete Pathogens Fuels Sepsis
​Sun-Mi Choi
Nizet Lab
​January 18
N-linked glycosylation restricts the function of Short gastrulation to bind and shuttle BMPs
​Miguel Tillo
Gordts Lab
​January 25
Galectin-9 suppresses B cell receptor signaling and is regulated by I-branching of N-glycans
​Sudeshna Saha
Varki Lab
​February 1

​February 8
Antibiotic sensitivity reveals that wall teichoic acids mediate DNA binding during competence in Bacillus subtilis.pdf
Suuplemental Information.pdf
​Joanna Coker
Zengler Lab
​February 15
Improving vaccines against Streptococcus pneumoniae using synthetic glycans.pdf
Wilson Lin
Kadonaga Lab
​February 22
O-GlcNAc modification of eIF4GI acts as a translational switch in heat shock response.pdf
Mark Fang
Yeo Lab
​March 1

​March 8
Association of cytosolic sialidase.pdf
​Patricia Gnieslaw de Oliveira
Guma Lab
​March 15
Galectin-3 deficiency drives lupus-like disease by promoting spontaneous germinal centers formation via IFN-γ.pdf
​Naazneen Khan
Varki Lab
​March 22
Galectin binding to cells and glycoproteins with genetically modified glycosylation reveals galectin–glycan specificities in a natural context
​Friederike Jessen
Gordts Lab
​March 29

​April 5
α-Synuclein O-GlcNAcylation alters aggregation and toxicity, revealing certain residues as potential inhibitors of Parkinson’s disease
​Patricia Aguilar-Calvo
Sigurdson Lab
​April 12
Core fucose is essential glycosylation for CD14-dependent Toll-like receptor 4 and Toll-like receptor 2 signalling in macrophages
Raquel Riley
Esko Lab
​April 19
The mucin-selective protease StcE enables molecular and functional analysis of human cancer-associated mucins
Thomas Clausen
Esko Lab
​April 26
Adipose tissue loss and lipodystrophy in xylosyltransferase II deficient mice
Markus Heine
Gordts Lab
​May 3
Circulating heparan sulfate fragments mediate septic cognitive dysfunction
​Saurabh Srivastava
Varki Lab
​May 10
​May 17
Glycoconjugate vaccine using a genetically modified O antigen induces protective antibodies to Francisella tularensis
​​So-Young Kim
Fuster Lab
​May 24
A platform for glycoengineering a polyvalent pneumococcal bioconjugate vaccine using E. coli as a host
Yang Ji
Varki Lab​