Bridge to Residency Pharmacy Program


Program Overview

The Bridge to Residency Pharmacy Program is a year-long, highly-customized education and training program designed to facilitate the development of a cadre of international pharmacists to be eligible for pharmacy residency in the United States.  The UC San Diego Program helps scholars to integrate, apply, reinforce, and advance the knowledge, skills, attitudes, abilities, and behaviors developed in their pharmacy curriculum to a standard of practice expected in the US.  This unique program blends the required pharmacy practice experience along with several other components designed to facilitate matching to pharmacy residency programs.

Prospective Candidates

The Bridge to Residency Pharmacy Program is geared towards recent international pharmacy school graduates interested in gaining practical experience and academic preparation in a major U.S. academic medical center.  Candidates must have passed the Foreign Pharmacy Equivalency Exam (FPGE) in order to receive full acceptance to the program.

Program Goals

By the conclusion of the year-long program, each Pharmacy Scholar will:

  • Complete the requirements of a US pharmacy internship as dictated by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education
  • Prepare for the residency match and entry into a US pharmacy residency program
  • Gain exposure to the US healthcare system and the culture of team medicine specific to the practice of pharmacy
  • Gain exposure to leadership styles and techniques in pharmacy practice
  • Be prepared to pass the NAPLEX and MSJE exams
  • Develop relationships with faculty mentors and professional pharmacists to help promote successful residency matching and career development.

Duration of Program

This is a 1-year program.

Program Benefits

The Bridge to Residency Pharmacy Program is unique in that it provides participants with:

  • Bridge to Residency Pharmacy Program Certificate
  • Didactics for clinical skills and knowledge enhancement
  • Hands-on training (1500 hour clinical internship)
  • Residency Matching Preparation
  • Professional Exam (NAPLEX and MSJE) preparation

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