Teaching Facilities

Perdana Clinical Training

Clinical Skills Unit (CSU)

The Clinical Skills Unit (CSU), under the Director of Clinical Skills Unit, is a clinical teaching and assessment facility that offers a stimulating and innovative way of learning clinical skills. It is located in Block D1 of the University.
The set-up at the CSU is similar to that of a hospital ward with 20 cubicles equipped with patient couches / beds, x-ray view boxes, drip stands and other medical equipment. There are also various mannequins ranging from low to high fidelity simulators such as the SimMan, SimBaby and Harvey.

Here students will learn to link theoretical knowledge with clinical practice under academic guidance and assistance in ways that will maximize their learning experiences at Perdana University.

Putrajaya Hospital

Putrajaya Hospital is a 341 bedded hospital with the ability to expand to 500 beds. It is located in the government administrative area of Putrajaya which is within the Multimedia Super Corridor. Putrajaya is fully IT equipped, running on the “Total Hospital Information System or T.H.I.S “.
It is a government hospital providing secondary level care. It provides services in all major disciplines including Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics and Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Support services include physiotherapy and occupational therapy. In September 2002, the hospital launched its Diabetes Resource Centre.

Kuala Lumpur Hospital

Kuala Lumpur Hospital was first developed in 1870 as a district hospital. Now it is the largest hospital under the Ministry of Health Malaysia. It has become a government tertiary referral hospital built on 150 acres of land in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, capital city of Malaysia. It has 53 different departments and units, 83 wards and 2300 beds.
Over the years, the hospital has undergone repairs and refurbishments. A Paediatrics Institute was added in 1992 and the most recent is the Specialist Complex and the Ambulatory Care Centre (SCACC) completed in 2013.

Tuanku Ja’far Hospital

Tuanku Ja’far Hospital or affectionately known as Seremban Hospital is situated in the state of Negeri Sembilan one of the 13 states in Malaysia. It is about 64 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur or 50 minutes’ drive on the North-South expressway.
Tuanku Ja’far Hospital is one of the government hospitals under the Ministry of Health providing service to the people of the State. It is located in Seremban town and built on 26 hectares of land. It caters for 1022 beds. The hospital is a referral center for the district hospitals, community clinics as well as private health centres in the State. It has 17 clinical specialists including Rehabilitation and Forensic Medicine.