Vice Chancellor's Message

Salam SejahteraSalam Sejahtera and Greetings from  Perdana University, Malaysia

Perdana University was established in 2011 under the auspices of the Public-Private Partnership unit of the Prime Minister’s department.

 It began with two medical programmes:  the Doctor of Medicine, offered through the Graduate School of Medicine, and the Bachelor of Medicine conducted by the Perdana University-Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland School of Medicine. The former is the first graduate entry medical programme in Malaysia. In a short span of time it has expanded with other programmes including Occupational Therapy, International Trade, Bioinformatics and Foundation in Science courses.

We have in place an interim campus that is well furnished, equipped and wired to provide ready access to online education platforms even when one is on the move. We take cognizance that the best of the physical facilities will remain as idyllic structures without the support of a competent, committed and passionate faculty to guide and mentor our students in academic and scholarly activities as they themselves immerse as well in research with the multitude of collaborating academic partners. We are very fortunate indeed that during this short period we are able to attract committed and dynamic academics as well as university administrators, locally and internationally, to join our Team Perdana. Our international faculty members come from all over the world, including Malaysian talents from abroad who are willing to return home through the Talent Corp Malaysia programme.

Our students form a remarkable galére of impassioned individuals who possess qualities and preparedness necessary to stand up to the complexity and inherent difficulties of their respective studies.  Together with them, as we chart our future as a scholarly community, we take cue of the words of Sydney J Harris that “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows” that will expand our horizon and open endless opportunities.

Welcome to the Perdana (Premier) family. As you gaze out of our windows, you will see limitless opportunities as you prepare yourself to be a member of an exciting new knowledge-based future.

Thank you. Keep well and in touch.

Prof Dato’ Dr Syed Ahmad Hussein
Perdana University