Worldwide Partnerships

By forming customized alliances with both academic and non-academic institutions abroad, UC San Diego Health Sciences International is committed to developing platforms for innovative  medical education and clinical and translational research. 

Transparency, dedication and open communications are the core principles of UC San Diego Health Sciences International in establishing successful global partnerships. 

Our Experts Work for You

The foundation of all successful relationships is people. The UC San Diego Health Sciences International Leadership Team is comprised of experienced and committed healthcare experts who have the fund of knowledge to develop and manage academic medical centers. 

We are honored and pleased to offer our vision, expertise, guidance, and experience in order to bring the best possible evidence-based solutions to the world community.

Our Leadership

System Transformation

Today, the science of medicine is evolving at a faster pace than ever before. Genomics, big data and discoveries are at the core of the development of personalized medicine. Innovation, collaboration and integration are pivotal components of transformative medical education, translational research and healthcare.

UC San Diego has  developed proven, customized and transferrable models of innovative academic medicine to share with partners around the world.

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