Medical and Pharmacy Schools Collaborations

Student in class
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Transforming medical education through simulation teaching skills, case based learning, and rigorous competency assessment.


A 21st century medical education requires innovations and reform of the current system to meet the challenges affecting academic medicine. At UCSD we have the experience and expertise to transform the current medical education system through implementation of the latest simulation teaching skills; case based learning; and leverage on ever changing technology.

We also apply more rigorous competency assessment, greater applications of discoveries in both sciences and technology, and provide a superstructure to foster improved faculty to student and student to student interactions. Introducing modern medical education provides students with the ability to care for the current and future population by gaining skills to work in changeable care environments.

UCSD Health Sciences International educational services include, but are not limited to:

  • Evaluation and Assessment of the Current Medical Education Curriculum
  • Establishment of Goals and Educational Strategic Planning
  • Establishment of Guidelines and Educational Standards
  • Curriculum Development
  • Faculty Development
  • School Administration and Organization
  • School Design and Infrastructure
  • Development of Health Care Professional Schools
  • Educational Equipment Planning
  • Finance Services Planning
  • Communication Planning
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