Single Sign-On and Login Information

By utilizing your UCSD TritonLink Single Sign-On credentials along with Duo Two-Step authentication, you can log on to various systems used by Medical Education - such as the Canvas LMS and MedHub management systems. Many of you have previously established your credentials as prompted by the application process or by your previous enrollment at UC San Diego.  For new incoming students, skip down to the "New Students to UC San Diego" section.

Medical Education System - Canvas

To access the Canvas LMS and Orientation Information, login using your UCSD email/AD username and password.  You should register for two-step login authentication for both instances of Duo - Campus and Health.
If you cannot login to Canvas or do not know your UCSD email/AD username and password:
  • Make sure you have established your UCSD TritonLink account, know that associated password and have recorded your UCSD PID. If you are unsure, follow the process for "New Students to UC San Diego" shown below.
  • If you DO KNOW your UCSD TritonLink account, password and UCSD PID, then follow the procedure "Campus Username and Synchronization" described below.
  • Be sure to register a device for Two-Step Login Authentication.  Health Sciences' students should register for both the Campus & Health instances of Duo.
Note: Sometimes your single sign-on (SSO) password does not match your email password, and you need to assert that password again for all systems (or you can set a new one). If you know your campus username/password and PID but still cannot login to Canvas, then follow the procedure "Campus Username and Synchronization" described below to assert your password onto all campus systems again.

New Students to UC San Diego

The following instructions are provided for those entering students that have not established a UCSD TritonLink Account. The TritonLink account provides access to your UCSD Personal Identification number (PID) and gives you an opportunity to create a secure “single sign-on” password.
You will need your AMCAS ID, the email address listed on your AMCAS application, your city of birth and date of birth.

Screenshot: input personal information to create account

  • Enter the required data on the form - input your AMCAS ID in the UC Application ID field.
  • Click Submit.
  • Once you press submit, you should see the following page to set up your password.
  • A separate message will be sent to your personal email containing the username and PID shown on the screen for your records.

  • On this Password Setup page you should see: 
    • Your new UCSD username, PID and email address ALIAS.  Your email address ALIAS is different from your email account - which is used to check your email.  Your email account ( is created separately with login instructions shown later on this page under "HS Cloud Email".
    • The personal email address at which you will receive the confirmation email.
  • Set your password. Note: To learn more about guidelines for setting a strong password, refer to this Passwords support article.
    Once you have set your password, you should receive another email confirmation stating you have finished setting up your account (screen shot shown below).
    A successful password change will also automatically reset your Active Directory/email password; you will just need to wait 30 minutes for it to propagate to your email and MedEd accounts.

    IMPORTANT NOTE for SOM Applicants: Your UCSD email is provisioned from UCSD Health Sciences Information Services (HSIS) and not Campus ITS (C-ITS).  Do NOT click the last link for the email instructions in the confirmation email - as it describes the set-up for email provisioned by C-ITS and not HSIS.  Follow the instructions below for the Duo registration and HS Cloud Email sections.

    Campus Username and Synchronization

    If you do know your UCSD TritonLink account and password OR have issues logging into various Campus systems (Housing, Financial Aid, etc.), then follow this procedure to obtain your username and synchronize your password across the campus systems.
    • Visit the Educational Technology Services Account Lookup page.
    • Input your last name and PID.
    • Click Submit Query.
    • Your username will be displayed. Retain this for future use.
    • Click your username and your email address will be displayed.
    • Click the "Change your Password" link. Use this Change Password link to re-assert your existing (Application/TritonLink) password and activate access to your official UCSD email and other campus/MedEd online resources.
    • If your existing TritonLink password is of good quality (secure), then you may re-use it.  Enter it as both your current and new password.
    • If you do not remember your current password, then scroll down to the last option and reset your password by using your personal information.
    Remember: After a successful password change you will just need to wait 30 minutes for it to propagate to your email and Medical Education accounts.

    Once all the above steps are completed, go to the Canvas website and login using your username and password.  Canvas accounts will be activated in mid-late June. 

    Duo two-step authentication

    Be sure to register a device for Two-Step Login Authentication.  Health Sciences' students should register for both the Campus & Health instances of Duo.

    HS cloud email

    Follow the steps below to login to Health Sciences Cloud EMail.  Note: During March and early April, incoming email accounts may not be active yet, but should be by the second week of April.
    • Use Outlook Web Access:
    • For your username, use a variation of your email address that identifies you as a Health Sciences client: (sometimes username is truncated to 8 characters)
    If you have any login issues, please email your username and PID (but NOT your password) to the Medical Educational Technology Office. The issue will be investigated further by that group and responses are usually sent within 8 - 24 business hours.