Student Affairs

​Welcome to the Office of Student Affairs

We believe that your personal and professional development is linked to your well-being and health -- physical, mental, and social health. We provide support and resources to our students, with the goal of supporting their journey of becoming a physician.

Involvement Opportunities

Medical students engage their community and complement their medical education, training, and experience through a variety of leadership positions, student organizations, professional associations, and medical interests groups. Student government and student organization leadership positions provide opportunities to grow through service activities, professional development, and community involvement.

student government

   Participation in Student Council is
   open to all School of Medicine
   students. Our students serve as
   the voice of student life through
   educational, professional, cultural,
   social and personal aims. One of the
   main goals of the council is to
   galvanize our student body towards
   impactful initiatives that enrich our
   San Diego Community.

STUDENT organizations

Student Interest Groups (SIGs)
offer students an opportunity to meet - formally and informally - through common interests and goals.
These organizations participate
 in leadership experiences while
balancing their lives as medical students. Any student is free
to start a new organization and/or join a group that already exists. The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) and the UC San Diego School of Medicine strive to support all registered student organizations equally by providing advice, event planning, financial assistance and programmatic support.

Programs and Activities

Medical student health and wellness are an integral component to professional competence. We have a variety of programs focused on social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and intellectual development. UC San Diego medical students strive for balance and health in their lives as they pursue their medical degree.

Support Systems

UC San Diego School of Medicine has both formal and informal support systems designed to assist with the many transitions medical students face. UC San Diego faculty, staff, and medical students work together to provide a network of resources, programs, and support services for medical student success including research opportunities and funding for travel to professional meetings.