Student Affairs

​Welcome to the Office of Student Affairs

The Student Affairs office consists of the Student Life unit and the School of Medicine Registrar. The Student Life unit has the primary responsibility for creating a positive learning environment and supportive medical school community focused on student support and advocacy. We believe that medical students personal and professional development is linked to their well-being and health -- physical, mental, and social health. We provide support and resources to our students, with the goal of supporting their journey of becoming a physician, in all of these arenas.

Involvement Opportunities

Students talking around a tableMedical students engage their community and complement their medical education, training, and experience through a variety of leadership positions, student organizations, professional associations, and medical interests groups. With 30 elected and appointed leadership positions and over 35 active student organizations, UC San Diego medical students have myriad opportunities to grow through service activities, professional development, and community involvement.

Programs and Activities

Students wearing surgery gown in classroom Medical student health and wellness are an integral component to professional competence. By offering a variety of programs focused on social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and intellectual development, UC San Diego medical students strive for balance and health in their lives as they pursue their medical degree.

Support Systems

Students standing under a tree with their mentorUC San Diego's School of Medicine has both formal and informal support systems designed to assist with the many transitions medical students face. UC San Diego faculty, staff and medical students work together to provide a network of resources, programs and support services for medical student success including research opportunities and funding for travel to professional meetings.