Problem Based Learning Recruitment

Problem Based Learning (PBL) Groups

General Description

During the PBL sessions, students will explore content from both the Health and Human Disease (“biomedical science”) and Clinical Foundations (“doctoring”) courses. The cases serve as a vehicle to explore and understand a range of topics. In this way, the material is given real-world context, similar to what occurs during actual patient care. The cases are designed to provide students with a multi-dimensional exploration of the complex issues that affect the lives of patients.

The faculty tutor for each PBL will be responsible for facilitating the assigned case of the week. Cases will correlate closely with the HHD material being taught in each organ-based integrated block of the curriculum. PBL groups are the “glue” between the HHD and CF longitudinal components of the curriculum. As such, they will have biomedical, psychosocial, ethical, clinical decision-making, and systems based practice objectives. The PBL process will also promote the development of the attitudes and skills necessary for lifelong learning and effective teamwork.

Each PBL Group will be comprised of one faculty tutor and approximately 8 - 9 students. Tutors will be selected from a pool of specialists, basic scientists and generalists. No prior experience is necessary, as you will be asked to attend a faculty development program intended to provide you with the basic skills to facilitate PBL.

Time Commitment

Ideally, we would like tutors to lead a group for 2 consecutive blocks. However, we recognize that not everyone’s schedule can accommodate this type of commitment. As such, we will accept applications to tutor for single blocks. New tutors will be required to attend a faculty development session during the month prior to the quarter when they will be tutoring (usually held from 5:30 to 7:30 on campus – precise date and time to be determined). You will also be expected to attend a prep session (we refer to as Just In Time session or JIT), which occurs from 9 - 10am on the morning of the first day of any case. PBL tutors must have a demonstrated interest in and commitment to the PBL process, understand the content of the case, and guide the group in a way that fosters intellectual growth. Extensive tutor guides will be provided, so content expertise is not a prerequisite. In addition, we will provide guidance and feedback to help the tutor learn and improve.

PBL groups will meet twice per week each week from 10am - 12 noon. Sessions for the first year class will take place on Tuesdays and Fridays. Sessions for the second year class will take place on Mondays and Thursdays. A Just-in-Time (JIT) prep session will be held on the first day of each case, from 9am - 10am; this is for faculty tutors to review the case details with an expert on the subject matter.


Compensation is $120 per hour and will be based upon the actual hours worked, as communicated to your academic department at the end of each quarter. Prep sessions, (JITs) are not counted as teaching hours.

For more information please contact Kara Ayala

The application deadline for the 2021-2022 academic year is July 1, 2021.