Practice of Medicine Recruitment

Note: All POM 1 & 2 positions have been filled. If you have any questions please contact Kara Ayala.

Practice of Medicine (POM) Groups

General Description

During the POM sessions, students will be exposed to material that is truly foundational to the practice of clinical medicine. Topics covered will include: professionalism, ethics, patient-physician relationship and communication skills, medical interviewing and the clinical exam, clinical reasoning, biopsychosocial-spiritual context, and systems based practice.

The co-Directors of each POM Group will be assigned to the same small group throughout the academic year and are responsible for facilitating the assigned session of the day. Each POM Group will be comprised of approximately 7 students and two faculty facilitators, one of whom will be a behavioral medicine professional. Please note that all applicants must be clinically active.

Time Commitment

POM Groups meet will meet every Wednesday for the first 5 weeks of the Fall quarter (September 4 - October 7, 2021), and then every other Wednesday throughout the remainder of the academic year, which ends in June. Students will be in their community based Ambulatory Care Apprenticeship offices on the opposite weeks. Each session will begin with a just-in-time faculty development orientation to the day’s session (12:30 - 1p). Groups will then meet from 1 - 5pm. Specific dates are listed on the POM Schedule.

This position requires a year-long commitment from an experienced, hands-on and collaborative individual who has demonstrated an interest in and a commitment to teaching, developing and mentoring a group of students in their successful professional development from student to competent and caring physicians.


Compensation is $120 per hour and will be based upon the actual hours worked, as communicated to your academic department at the end of each quarter.

Application Process