The objective of our curriculum is to guide you to become a capable and compassionate physician.

We are proud of the progressive Integrated Scientific Curriculum at UC San Diego School of Medicine that blends clinical medicine and medical science. Concepts covering health and disease are taught in the context of human organ systems. Our curriculum is designed to provide you a strong scientific foundation for clinical practice.

The curriculum through most of the third year of medical school is predetermined. However, during the pre-clerkship curriculum, you are free to select additional elective courses that best fit your needs and interests, and in the third year have the opportunity to complete two clinical selectives. During your fourth year, you are allowed to select from a range of clerkships that meet general requirements.

Download UC San Diego School of Medicine's complete list of Educational Program Learning Objectives.

Independent Study Project

Our students complete an Independent Study Project (ISP) under the direction of a faculty member in the School of Medicine. The project involves original, independent, and scholarly activity by the student.