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M.D. Licensure in the State of California

Medical Board of California (MBC) – Licensure Eligibility Requirements

  • Domestic Canadian Medical School Graduates must successfully complete 12 consecutive months of accredited training
  • International Medical Graduates must successfully complete 24 months of accredited training (2–12 consecutive months of training)


The following information is to assist you in the process of applying for a medical license in California. You can download the application by going to the Medical Board website. Applicants should recognize that the application review process can be lengthy. You are strongly encouraged to start the application process as soon as you are eligible to apply.

Following are the documents that you will need to download from the Medical Board website:

  • General Information
  • Don't complete your MD Application until you've read this: Completing the Physician License Application (PDF)
  • L1A-F
    • Initial Application for Physicians and Surgeons License for Domestic and Canadian Graduates
    • OR Update Postgraduate Training Authorization Letter for International Medical Graduates
  • L2
    • Medical School Transcripts Cetified Copy of Diploma
    • Complete your section and attach a clear, clean copy of your diploma to the form
    • Send both to your medical school registrars office; request they certify the copy of your diploma provided
  • L3A-B Certificate of Completion of ACGME/RCPSC Postgraduate Training
  • L4 Certificate of Current Postgraduate Training Enrollment (give to your program coordinator to complete)
  • Postgraduate Training Registration Form
  • Translation of Foreign Academic Credentials
  • Fee Schedule: Application for Physicians Surgeons License/Postgraduate Training Authorization

Please Note

Applicants should submit all required documentation as soon as possible — however, without both the application and initial fees ($491), staff cannot begin the initial review process. Therefore, complete forms L1A through L1E and send them with your payment to the Medical Board ASAP. This will get your licensure application review started. Forward the other documentation as it is completed, in a timely fashion.

LiveScan/ Fingerprints

Applicants who reside in California must complete the electronic Live Scan fingerprint process. Live Scan forms can be printed from the Medical Board website or requested from the Office of Graduate Medical Education. The results of these fingerprints are generally received within five days. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the person rolling the fingerprints submits 2 digital prints — one for the DOJ and one for the FBI. Please take care of the fingerprinting ASAP! Get a listing of live scan facilities: Live Scan Locations

If you live out-of-state, you will automatically receive a set of "hard-card" manual fingerprint cards once you have submitted your application and fees to the Board. If you have already submitted your fees and application but have not received the fingerprint cards, you may contact the Board's Consumer Information Unit at 800-633-2322, to request that fingerprint cards be mailed to you. Two cards will need to be submitted: for the DOJ and the FBI. The results of these fingerprint inquires are generally received within 12 weeks. [Note: Frequent washing and scrubbing of hands increases the chances that fingerprints will be difficult to read and will be rejected, requiring a reprint. Application of Cornhuskers lotion to the pads of the fingers for a period of 10-14 days will generate the regrowth of fingerprint ridges.]

Do not wait to submit an application until all documentation is complete, as that will significantly delay fingerprint card processing.


  • Standard Visa Photographs are MBC/OMBC compliant
  • One photo is required and must be 2 x 3
  • The photo can be either black and white, or color
  • If you want to take/use your own picture, use this Passport Photo Wizard tool to ensure correct size


There are several offices throughout UC San Diego that provide Notary services. For a list of locations for official University Notary Services and for Non-University Business public notaries, visit the Resource Management & Planning Notary Program page.

Specific Form Details

  • Form L1A - Initial Application: DO NOT use your home address. The address printed here will be viewable to the public on the Medical Board of California website.
  • Form L3A and Form L4: These forms should be brought to your Program Director for completion. The L3A-B form certifies participation in a UCSD ACGME accredited training program. The L4 form certifies current enrollment in an ACGME accredited training program which qualifies the applicant for a $300 discount.
  • Request for Examination and Board Action History Report (EBHAR): This form is required to request your USMLE scores. Forms may be obtained from Federation of State Medical Board (FSMB). There is a fee to request exam history. The online form does not need to be notarized. The fee allows your scores to be sent to 2 recipients: 1) the Medical Board; 2) Yourself
  • Medical School Diploma: The Medical Board of California has indicated that if your School of Medicine has a written statement on your school transcripts that documents your medical school diploma was issued on a specified date, you will not need to send your original medical school diploma to the Medical Board with your licensure application material.

Please contact Robyn Meehan if you have any questions.