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D.O. Licensure in the State of California


The following information is to assist you in the process of applying for a D.O. license in California. You can download the application by going to the Osteopathic Medical Board. Applicants should recognize that the application review process can be lengthy, and are encouraged to start the application process at least 6–9 months before they need licensure.

Documents that you will download: OMBC Application Package (PDF)

Please Note

Applicants should submit all required documentation as soon as possible; however, without both the application and initial fees (contact the OMBC for current fee schedule), staff cannot begin the initial review process. Therefore, complete the application and send them with your payment to the Osteopathic Medical Board, ASAP. This will get your licensure application review started. Forward the other documentation as it is completed, in a timely fashion.


California Residents must complete the electronic Live Scan fingerprint process. Live San forms can be located in the application packet from the Office of Graduate Medical Education. The results of these fingerprints are generally received within five days. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the person rolling the fingerprints submits 2 digital prints — one for the DOJ and one for the FBI. Please take care of the fingerprinting ASAP! Get a listing of live scan facilities: Live Scan Locations

Out-of-State Residents must submit hard copy fingerprint cards for processing. You will need to contact the OMBC Office at (916) 928-8390; to obtain the appropriate fingerprint cards. Two cards will need to be submitted: for the DOJ and the FBI. The results of these fingerprint inquires are generally received within 16 weeks. Note: Frequent washing and scrubbing of hands increases the chances that fingerprints will be difficult to read and will be rejected, requiring a reprint. Application of Cornhuskers lotion to the pads of the fingers for a period of 10-14 days will generate the regrowth of fingerprint ridges.

*Do not submit your fingerprint cards prior to submitting your application


Three recent 2 x 2 passport quality photographs
Refer to application for photograph requirements

The following places will process your pictures:

  • Office of Learning Resources: They are located in the basement of the Biomedical Library, next to the Basic Science Building at the School of Medicine in La Jolla. The office is identified with a sign that reads OLR Media Services. They charge $25.00 per photograph. Call for an appointment at (858) 822-3733. Turn around time is three working days.
  • A-1 Broadway Photo
    148 West Broadway
    San Diego, CA
    (619) 234-5876
    Mon–Fri, 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
    Sat 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    Passport photos: 2 for $10.95 / 4 for $15.95
    1–1.5 hour service for black and white; 5 minutes for color


There are several offices throughout UCSD's several locations that provide Notary services. For a list of locations for official University Notary Services and for Non-University Business public notaries, please visit the Notary Program website.

Specific Form Details:

  • Form OMB.1: Application for Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons Certificate
  • Form OMB.2: Certification of Completion of ACGME Postgraduate Training or AOA Rotating Internship
  • Form OMB.3: To be completed if already licensed in California or another state

Please contact Robyn Meehan if you have any questions.