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Yimin Zou, PhD

Yimin Zou, PhD

Section of Neurobiology
Division of Biological Sciences

Contact Information

9500 Gilman Drive
Pacific Hall - Room 1224A
Office tel: 858-534-7212
Lab tel: 858-534-7213
Fax: 858-534-6512
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Axon Guidance
We are interested in the guidance cues that provide directional information for axon wiring and identified the Wnt family proteins as key guidance molecules along the major axes of the central nervous system for axon pathfinding and topographic mapping. We are currently studying how these guidance cues are laid out in concentration gradients and how axonal growth cones recognize and respond to these gradients. We found that the conserved apical-basal and planar cell polarity pathways mediate growth cone turning and an apical-basal polarity signaling component, aPKC, promotes the endocytosis of a Wnt/planar cell polarity component, Frizzled3. We are testing whether this is part of an amplification mechanism for asymmetric signaling to polarize growth cones.

Circuit repair after traumatic injury
Traumatic injuries of the adult brain and the spinal cord lead to loss of many important functions. We found that the Wnt signaling pathways are reactivated after spinal cord injury. A reinduced Wnt inhibitory system limits motor and sensory axon growth and functional recovery. Our recent studies showed that combining molecular manipulation to enhance axon plasticity with behaviorally-guided training offers the maximal functional recovery. We are currently studying the network basis of neural circuit remodeling after spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury.

Synapse formation and neurodevelopmental disorders
The signaling mechanisms that assemble neuronal synapses have been elusive. Our recent finding suggests that planar cell polarity signaling components play essential roles in glutamatergic synapse formation. This opens up new opportunities to study synaptogenesis and plasticity, fundamental to understanding neural circuit function. Mutations in planar cell polarity genes, such as the Prickles, are associated with neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism and epilepsy. We are studying the molecular and circuit mechanisms of these diseases and exploring strategies for therapeutic interventions.

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