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Stuart A. Lipton, MD, PhD

Prof, Depts of Molecular Medicine & Neuroscience,
Co-Director, Neuroscience Translational Center,
Hannah and Eugene Step Chair in Neurodegenerative Disease,
Scripps Research Institute
Prof (adjunct), Dept of Neurosciences,
UCSD School of Medicine

Contact Information

Office Tel: 858-242-1385

The Lipton laboratory studies molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases and stroke, including the role of excessive stimulation of ion channels and intracellular signaling pathways in nerve cells. Among the laboratory's accomplishments and ongoing activities are (i) the development of the first glutamate receptor/channel antagonist drug (Memantine) to be clinically approved for dementia (approved by the European Union in May, 2002 and the FDA in the USA in October, 2003), (ii) characterization of signaling events leading to neuronal injury and apoptosis in AIDS, and (iii) cloning of a gene that programs Embryonic Stem Cells to become nerve cells in the brain. These studies have led to the development of the first neuroprotective drugs to be administered successfully to humans to combat various neurodegenerative and vascular diseases of the brain.

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