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Karen Pierce, PhD

Karen Pierce, PhD

Assistant Professor

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Office: 858-534-6919

Discovering early brain and behavioral markers of autism

Pierce K, Carter C., Weinfeld, M., Desmond, J., Hazin, R., Bjork R. & Gallagher, N. (2011). Detecting, studying and treating autism early: The 1-Year Well-Baby Check-Up Approach. Journal of Pediatrics, 159(3):458-465.e1-6, e-pub ahead of print.

Pierce, K., Conant, D., Hazin, R., Desmond, J., & Stoner, R. (2011). Preference for geometric patterns early in life as a risk factor for autism. Archives of General Psychiatry. 68, 101-109.

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Dinstein I, Pierce K, Eyler LT, Solso S, Malach R, Behrmann M, et al. (2011): Dysrupted synchronization in toddlers with autism. Neuron, 70(6):1218-25.

Eyler, LT*, Pierce, K*., Courchesne, E*. (*Co-equal first authors; In Press). A Failure of Left Temporal Cortex to Specialize for Language is an Early Emerging and Fundamental Property of Autism. Brain.

Pierce, K., Eyler, L., Campbell, C., Ahrens-Barbau, C., Carter, C., Weinfeld, M. & Courchesne, E. (in preparation). Abnormal functional connectivity patterns in infants at risk for autism between 12-24 months.

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