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Jack Bui, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Pathology

Contact Information

Phone: 858.534.3890
Lab Phone: 858.534.7431

Biomedical Sciences Building, Room 1028

Mailing Address:
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive #0612
La Jolla, CA 92093

Lab Website


Tumor immunology, cytokines, innate immunity

Our laboratory is interested in how the innate immune system recognizes developing tumor cells. Toward this end, we have generated a bank of tumor cell lines which we believe are enriched in recognition structures that activate innate immune components, including natural killer (NK) cells and macrophages. We hope to understand the molecular basis of this recognition.

We also have focused on a family of ligands for the NK cell receptor NKG2D. These NKG2D ligands are highly expressed on tumors, virally infected cells, and in certain autoimmune diseased tissues. We have shown that the NKG2D ligand H60 is regulated by the interferons and may function in this aspect to modulate the immune system. We are actively pursuing the regulation of H60 during carcinogenesis in order to understand how recognition structures might be acquired during the transformation process.

A related interest is in how T-regulatory cells inhibit the immune response to tumors. We have shown that these cells accumulate in both progressively growing and rejecting tumors. We plan to identify the mechanisms by which T-regulatory cells become activated in certain tumors for clinical benefit.

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Zhang, H., Hardamon, C., Sagoe, B., Ngolab, J., Bui, J.D. Studies of the H60a locus in C57BL/6 and 129/Sv mouse strains identify the H60a 3’UTR as a regulator of H60a expression. Mol Immunol 2011; 48(4):539-45.

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