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Doris Trauner, MD

Doris Trauner, MD



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We are interested in studying the development of specific cognitive skills in children after early brain damage, as well as the impact on cognitive development of early metabolic, genetic, and structural insults to the human nervous system.

Development of Visual Processing Skills in Children with a Genetic Metaboilc Disorder. We have demonstrated a specific visual processing deficit in children with an autosomal recessive disorder of cystine metabolism, nephropathic cystinosis. Ongoing studies involve further elucidation of the cognitive deficit, the impact of treatment on cognitive outcome, and the influence of age and accumulation of cystine in the nervous system on visual processing. Additional studies are assessing the presence and extent of the cognitive deficit in otherwise asymptomatic carriers of the recessive gene. Magnetic resonance imaging of the brains is being used to correlate structural changes with functional abnormalities in these individuals.

Non-verbal Communication (prosody), Motor Planning, and Spatial Neglect in Children After Pre- or Perinatal Stroke. Because of the potential for reorganization in the developing brain, children who had a single, unilateral focal brain lesion (stroke) very early in life may not exhibit the same cognitive deficits as do adults with strokes. We are studying specific aspects of cognition in these children, to learn more about brain reorganization after early focal damage.

Motor Abnormalities and Prosody in Children with Asperger's Syndrome, Autism, and Attention Deficit Disorder. We are studying specific cognitive deficits in these disorders and comparing the cognitive profiles of these children with those of children with early focal brain damage, in order to learn more about the potential etiology of the cognitive abnormalities observed in these conditions.

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