Dan Gibbs, PhD

Daniel Gibbs, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Neurosciences

Contact Information

Email: dgibbs@ucsd.edu
Phone: 858.822.0051

Mailing Address:
UCSD School of Medicine
Department of Neurosciences
9500 Gilman Drive MC 0626
La Jolla, CA 92093

Tools and Methods for Targeted Analysis of Neural Circuits:
Understanding how neural circuits transform environmental changes into complex behavior is a fundamental challenge in neurobiology and requires the ability to: 1. Target specific neurons within a neural circuit. 2. Visualize circuit anatomy and connectivity with high resolution across multiple scales in space and time. 3. Perturb the activity and probe molecular identity of specific participating neurons in order to record changes in activity patterns and analyze behavioral outputs. To address this challenge, my lab has developed an integrated viral vector toolbox termed VISTA - C (Viral Intersectional System for Targeted Analysis of Circuits) that allows the precise targeting of specific neurons based on their genetic identity and projection patterns. We are using these tools to interrogate the functional connectivity, activity, structure and transcriptional state of specific neural circuits involved in primary visual processing and skilled motor learning across multiple scales, from sub-cellular to systems level analyses.

Gene and Cell Therapy Approaches to Neural Repair:
Following traumatic injury or in neurodegenerative disease, neurons of the central nervous system fail to activate robust regenerative and neuroprotective growth mechanisms; leading to axon retraction, de-innervation of synaptic partners and neuronal cell death. As part of the Center for Neural Repair and the UCSD Translational Neurosciences Institute, my lab utilizes novel viral vector mediated gene therapy approaches in combination with neural stem cell grafts to activate and enhance the intrinsic growth state of injured CNS neurons, Viral vectors are also used to modulate the extracellular environment and provide drug inducible neurotrophic support to promote axonal regeneration and functional recovery in spinal cord injury, optic nerve injury and Alzheimer's Disease.

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