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Chitra Mandyam, PhD

Associate Professor
UC San Diego
Department of Anesthesiology

Contact Information

Lab location: VA San Diego Healthcare System

Mailing Address: :
3350 La Jolla Village Dr., Building 1 room 6195, San Diego, CA 92161
Mail code: 9151

Office: (858) 552-8585 x 7105 

Mandyam Lab studies the neurogenic mechanisms altered by complex behavior patterns, including addiction and dependence to stimulants and alcohol with emphasis on understanding the dynamics and mature cell fate of medial prefrontal cortex and hippocampal progenitors that partly maintain the adult medial prefrontal cortex and hippocampal plasticity.

We have recently shown that methamphetamine self-administration (a highly abused drug in the Southern California region with street names such as speed, meth, chalk, ice, crystal, glass) decreases gliogenesis in the adult rodent mPFC and neurogenesis in the adult rodent SGZ. Ongoing research in our laboratory will determine the underlying cellular and molecular mechanisms contributing to methamphetamine-induced decreases in cortical and hippocampal plasticity. Comprehension of how psychostimulants such as methamphetamine act to inhibit new precursors or progenitors in the adult brain will likely shed light on the basic mechanisms regulating adult neural stem cells. Our findings will improve our understanding of the complex mechanisms by which psychostimulants affect brain function and may help generate better therapies to treat methamphetamine addiction.

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Richardson, H.N., S.H. Chan, E.F. Crawford, Y.K. Lee, C.K. Funk, G.F. Koob, and C.D. Mandyam, Permanent impairment of birth and survival of cortical and hippocampal proliferating cells following excessive drinking during alcohol dependence. Neurobiol Dis, 2009. 36(1): p. 1-10.

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Mandyam, C.D., E.F. Crawford, A.J. Eisch, C.L. Rivier, and H.N. Richardson, Stress experienced in utero reduces sexual dichotomies in neurogenesis, microenvironment, and cell death in the adult rat hippocampus. Dev Neurobiol, 2008. 68(5): p. 575-89.