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Events and Activities


This purely social event for students and faculty welcomes incoming students to the program and is held during Fall Quarter.

Student Journal Club

The Student Journal Club is organized entirely by students. Each week a student presents a paper from the laboratory of the seminar speaker for that week. The goal of the journal club is to create an open venue for friendly but lively scientific discussion. Refreshments are provided.

Seminar Series

The Graduate Program’s weekly Seminar Series meets on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. in the Center for Neural Circuits and Behavior conference room and features invited speakers from around the world. Students have the opportunity to meet with the speakers over lunch or dinner each week (interested students should contact the student host). The Salk Institute also organizes frequent lectures as do many other departments and institutions in and around UC San Diego.

Research Rounds

Research Rounds is a weekly seminar course that meets in Fall, Winter and Spring quarters in which graduate students beyond their second year in the program present their current research. All members of the neuroscience community are welcome to attend these presentations.

Career Development

Each year the Career Development Committee organizes 3 panels of NGP alumni to share their experiences and insights into the trajectory that lead them from grad school to their current career. Panelists come from a wide range of careers including academic researchers and lecturers, program administrators, managerial consultants, NIH science policy analysts, writing consultants, and entrepreneurs, to name a few.

Spring Retreat

The graduate program organizes a retreat each spring that fosters interactions among program faculty and students. The retreat is typically held off campus over a weekend and features lectures, discussion groups, and social events.