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Current Students

This is a list of the current graduate students and alumni of the Computational Neuroscience specialization. Click for a list of publications written by our students and alumni in their thesis laboratories.

Jeff Bush (Ellisman Lab 2009)
UCSD Interfaces Graduate Training Program

Jeffrey Dalhen (Komiyama Lab 2011)
Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) first-year fellowship.
Research interests: in vivo electrophysiology, sensory systems

Kyle Fischer (Callaway Lab 2012)

Jonathan Garcia (Sejnowski Lab 2012)

Tom Gillespie (Martone Lab 2012)

Alex Heitman (Chichilnisky Lab/MacLeod Lab 2011)
Interfaces, INC
Research interests: Retinal Ganglion Cells

Kerin Higa (Geyer Lab 2011)

Xi Jiang (Halgren Lab 2013)

Vladimir (Vlad) Jovanovich (Miller Lab 2013)

Stephen Johnston (Gage Lab 2012)

Jason Keller (Stowers Lab 2011)
NSF Graduate Research Fellow
Research interests: I hope to contribute to our understanding of how innate and learned behaviors interact in the mammalian brain

Justin Kiggins (Gentner Lab 2009)
NSF Graduate Research Fellow
Research interests: Auditory context modulation and evidence accumulation

Anastasia (Stacy) Kurnikova (Kleinfeld Lab 2011)
NIH NRSA fellow, UCSD Interfaces
Research interests: Motor control by the brainstem and descending cortical input

Wutu (Tiger) Lin (Sejnowski Lab 2009)

Ethan McBride (Callaway Lab 2012)
Research interests: Multimodal information processing

Akinori (Aki) Mitani (Komiyama Lab 2012)

Stephanie Nelli (Serences Lab 2013)

Shamit Patel (Albright Lab 2012)
NDSEG Fellowship
Research interests: Representational learning, neural circuit theory, modeling of visual cortex structure and function, neural coding, consciousness, nanoengineering of biosensors for brain activity mapping.

Andrew (Andy) Peters (Komiyama Lab 2010)
Research interests: Awake-behaving calcium imaging, motor control and learning, sensorimotor integration

Kathleen Quach (Chalasani Lab 2012)
Research interests: Modeling of neuronal circuit activation during motor behavior changes in memory circuity during aging

Kimberly Reinhold (Scanziani Lab 2009)
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
Research interests: Thalamocortical interactions in sensation

Aaron Sampson (Sejnowski Lab 2013)
Tribal Membership Initiative Fellowship
Research interests: EEG analysis, sleep and anesthesia

Tommy Sprague (Serences Lab 2010)

Patrick Strassman (Xin Jin Lab 2013)

Marvin Thielk (Sharpee Lab/Gentner Lab 2012)

Vy Vo (Serences Lab 2013)

Geoff Weiner (Goldberg Lab 2012)

Olubankole (Bankole) Aladesuyi (currently rotating)

Scott Cole (currently rotating)

Uri Majaram (currently rotating)

Nuttida Rungrats (currently rotating)

Brad Thielman (currently rotating)

Tammy Tran (currently rotating)

Alexander Williams (currently rotating)