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CN Faculty


The Computational Neuroscience specialization is interdisciplinary and cross-departmental. In principle, any faculty member at UCSD can serve as a thesis advisor or co-advisor, subject to approval that the thesis project is sufficiently relevant to neuroscience.

The faculty listed below, and other potential advisors, are members of the UCSD Neurosciences program; the Salk Institute; the Departments of Neurobiology (Division of Biological Sciences), Neurosciences (School of Medicine), Physics, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cognitive Science, Computer Science and Engineering, Bioengineering, Chemistry, and Mathematics; the Institute for Neural Computation; the The Scripps Research Institute; and the Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience.

Highlighted Faculty

The following faculty have advised Computational Neuroscience students.

Henry Abarbanel
Nonlinear dynamics, stability, and chaos in neural systems

Thomas Albright
Visual cortex, primate, neurophysiology, psychophysics, motion, form, color

Ed Callaway
Organization and function of neural circuits, visual cortex, genetic & viral methods

Gert Cauwenberghs
VLSI, neuromorphic systems engineering, implantable neural interfaces

Sreekanth Chalasani
Dissecting neural circuits regulating behavior in C.elegans and Zebrafish

Andrea Chiba
Spatial attention, associative learning, cholinergic, amygdala

Anders Dale
MRI functional and structural imaging

Virginia de Sa
Machine learning, perceptual illusions, classification

Mark Ellisman
Cellular neurobiology, imaging, new instrument design

Fred Gage
Plasticity, neurogenesis, genetics, genomics

Timothy Genter
Neuroethology of vocal communication and audition

Eric Halgren
Cognitive Neurophysiology

Xin Jin
Neural circuits and molecular mechanisms underlying action learning and selection

David Kleinfeld
Active sensation, cortical bloodflow, neural patterns, whisking

Takaki Komiyama
Cortical microcircuits and behavior

Scott Makeig
Cognitive brain dynamics, Independent Component Analysis, EEG, ERP, fMRI

Maryanne Martone
Central nervous system (CNS) morphology, protein localization, imaging of neurons and their processes, and neuroinformatics.

Cory Miller
Neocortical mechanisms underlying natural behavior.

Eran Mukamel
Computational modeling and analysis of large-scale data sets to understand complex biological networks of the brain

Pamela Reinagel
LGN, information theory, temporal coding, adaptation, natural scenes

John Reynolds
Visual attention, cortex, psychophysics, neurophysiology, neural modeling

Terry Sejnowski
Neuronal modeling, temporal processing, population dynamics, imaging, ICA

John Serences
Attention and perceptual decision making

Tatyana Sharpee
Computational principles of natural sensory processing

Gabe Silva
Cellular neural engineering

Lisa Stowers
Analysis of Complex Behavior Pheromones, Pheromone Identification, Molecular Biology of Pheromone Neurons

Jing Wang
Representation of olfactory information in the nervous system of Drosophila

Angela Yu
Attention, learning, decision-making, Bayesian modeling