Neurosciences Seminar Series

The Graduate Program’s weekly seminar series meets during the academic year on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. in the Center for Neural Circuits and Behavior (CNCB) Marilyn Farquhar Seminar Room and features invited speakers from around the country.

Neurosciences Graduate Program
2018-19 Seminar Series Schedule

Tuesdays at 4 p.m.
CNCB Marilyn G. Farquhar Seminar Room

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Oct 2
Ardem Patapoutian
The Scripps Research Institute
Founder's Day Lecture
in honor of Dr. Robert Livingston
Piezo channels in mechanotransduction: sensory biology to disease
Haylie Romero
Oct 9
Biyu He
New York University
Large-scale brain dynamics underlying visual perceptual awareness
Anupam Garg
Oct 16

Oct 23
Michael Oldham
UC San Francisco
Deconvolution of cellular identity in the human CNS
James Howe
Oct 30
Gene Yeo
UC San Diego
RNA binding proteins as engineers of cellular health

Andre deSouza
Nov 13
Eiman Azim
Salk Institute / UC San Diego
Feedback circuits for skilled forelimb movement

Xiaochun Cai
Nov 20
Adrienne Fairhall
University of Washington
Robust learning through variability
Bethanny Danskin
Nov 27
John Tuthill
University of Washington
Neural coding of leg proprioception and motor control in drosophila
Jess Haley
Dec 4
Lisa Giocomo
Stanford University
Dissecting the cells and circuits of spatial navigation and memory
Anja Payne
Dec 11
Carina Curto
Penn State
Dynamically relevant motifs in inhibition-dominated networks
Brad Theilman
Jan 8
Clifton Ragsdale
University of Chicago
Founder's Day Lecture
in honor of Dr. Theodore Bullock
Octopus brain, development and death
Kathleen Quach
Jan 15
Veronica Alvarez
Mechanisms for dopamine release in the striatum and the actions of drugs of abuse
Marley Rossa
Jan 22
Christoph Kellendonk
Columbia University
Studying cognitive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia in mice
Ege Yalcinbas
Jan 29
Dinu Florin Albeanu
Cold Spring Harbor
Understanding sensorimotor integration during odor-guided behaviors
Daniel Stern
Feb 5
Christopher Harvey
Harvard University
Cortical population dynamics during navigation decisions
Javier How
Feb 12
Zhijian James Chen
UT Southwestern
Chair's Lecture
in honor of Dr. John O'Brien
Immune and autoimmune responses to DNA
Marc Marino
Feb 19
Dan Yamins
Stanford University

Gaby Maimon
The Rockefeller University
Cognitively-inspired artificial intelligence for computational neuroscience

Computations underlying spatial navigation in drosophila

Sam Asinof

Mar 5
Lindsey Glickfield
Duke University
Neuronal correlates of perception in mouse visual cortex
Rachel Cassidy
Mar 12
Gordon Fishell
Harvard University
The genetic trajectories underlying GABAergic and cholinergic neuronal development
Peter Osseward
Mar 19
Gaby Maimon
The Rockefeller University

Dan Yamins
Stanford University

Computations underlying spatial navigation in drosophila

Cognitively-inspired artificial intelligence for computational neuroscience

Tim Tadros

Apr 2
Richard Palmiter
University of Washington
Founder's Day Lecture
in honor of Dr. Robert Galambos
Functions of parabrachial CGRP-expressing neurons 
Norah Koblesky
Apr 9
Bence Ölveczky
Harvard University
Neural mechanisms underlying motor sequence learning
Claire Geddes
Apr 16
Daniel O'Connor
Johns Hopkins University
Neural circuit dynamics underlying touch perception
Susan Lubejko
Apr 23
Zachary Knight
UC San Francisco
The neurobiology of homeostasis
Sage Aronson
Apr 30
Doris Tsao
Cal Tech
Neural mechanism for object representation
Maggie Henderson
May 14
Karen Duff
Columbia University
Chair's Lecture
in honor of Dr. Leon Thal
Propagation of tauopathy in Alzheimer's Disease: how a surprising result became a hot new field
Catie Profaci
May 21
Jessica Cardin
Yale University
State-dependent cortical circuits
Megan Kirchgessner
May 28
Kent Berridge
University of Michigan
Brain generators for liking and wanting
Shannan McClain
June 4
Helen Mayberg
Icahn School of Medicine
at Mt. Sinai
Chair's Lecture
in honor of Dr. Robert Katzman
Iterative strategies to refine and optimize DBS for depression
Caroline Sferrazza
June 11
Kelsey Martin
UC Los Angeles
Spatial regulation of gene expression during neuronal plasticity
Alex Bosworth


Founder's Day Lectures and Chair's Lectures sponsored by Neuroscience Education Research Foundation

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